Art McDermott’s Red Wine Diet Review

Red Wine Diet ReviewEver heard of The Red Wine Diet for weight loss? According to Art McDermott there is a way in which you can lose weight by consuming red wine. But does it really work? Is it legit or just another weight loss scam that preys on desperate people? How much effort is needed for the diet to work? Well, those are the issues that will be addressed in this article. So read more and learn the ins and outs of this diet plan.

The Red Wine Diet is a blueprint for people who desire to cut weight without giving up wine. That means you can enjoy your wine and not worry about gaining weight. In fact, you will be shedding off some extra pounds each time you enjoy it. Simply put, it is a solution for those who want their cake and eat it too.

What many people don’t know is that we all face health challenges as we age. For instance, the mid section of the body gains weight slowly but steadily, energy levels drop and stress builds up over time. These challenges can be remedied using a reliable health plan like this one.

Want more details? Check out the product details section below and then proceed to the advantages and disadvantages of this diet plan.

Red Wine Diet PDF Details

The Red Wine Diet was developed by Art McDermott. He is a certified strength coach and nutritionist who has been in the practice for 30 years. He describes the diet as a “fun approach to weight loss” because you will neither spend long hours at the gym nor strip “out every shred of enjoyment” from your daily life.

It comes as a digital booklet that costs $14.95. The booklet is available for purchase online and that means you need a computer device and internet connection to access it. In it, you will discover six main secrets:

  • The health benefits of wine: you will be able to learn about the chemicals that are found in wine and how each one affects your health and weight. Furthermore, the booklet covers some basic information about white and red wines and how you can use wine to make food taste better. Finally, you will learn how to pair food and wine for a healthier and tastier meal.
  • How to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back as you seek to lose weight: if you are reading this then you probably looking for a way to shed off some fat. That means you understand just how challenging it can be. Well, the booklet explains what you should do to overcome the challenges.
  • How to create a winning mindset: a positive mindset is probably the most important thing as you seek to lose weight. The booklet contains details on the lifestyle changes that you must make and how to approach the changes. It also contains a guide on how to sustain the changes in the long run.
  • Addictive foods that you must avoid: there are foods that are addictive and for all the wrong reasons. The developer of this diet plan understands this and that is why he developed precise meal plans that are based on real and nutritious foods.
  • Accelerators: these are things that can speed up your weight loss. They are meant for people who want to get the job done quickly.
  • 9 rules for a longer and healthier life: these are long term solutions for living healthy. They have been explained in a simple language that is easy to understand and stick.

The secrets are embedded within the diet’s key concepts. First off, most of the foods we eat are addictive and thus they make us to want more and more everyday. The consequence is that we consume large quantities of foods that increase fat content in our bodies.

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Therefore, if you avoid such foods you will be able to reduce your fat intake easily. For that reason, the diet suggests the types of food that you should consume (with recipes) and how to pair the right wines.

In addition to that, the booklet contains measures that you can take to ensure that you realize weight loss results quickly. Finally, it will teach you how to maintain your new shape for the long run.


So what are the benefits of this weight loss plan?

  • The approach contains a simple set of guidelines that should not be so hard to follow. The Red Wine Diet is written using very simple and understandable language.
  • Art McDermott did a pretty good job in research and test. Therefore, it has a proven record of shedding some extra pounds.
  • You won’t have to give up wine; you will only need to regulate its intake. Of course this is good news for wine lovers. It also provides a great alternative for alcohol.
  • All the suggested meals come with their recipes and that means the stress of guessing what to eat will be lifted.
  • No gym and intense exercises. Therefore, it is not as physically demanding as others and that makes it one of the weight loss plans that will not strain you muscles.
  • The Red Wine Diet is affordable. At only $14.95, it is cheap enough for a majority of the population. Ingredients to the foods that it recommends are readily available and can be bought in a local store.
  • It is risk free. Basically you don’t stand to lose anything. It also comes with a 60-day no questions asked guarantee.


  • The main downside of The Red Wine Diet is that it will not change your weight instantly. It needs effort and commitment on your part.
  • The second is the fact that it does not put emphasis on exercise when it is common knowledge that exercise and good health go hand in hand.
  • Finally, it is not available in stores and people who are not comfortable with online products are likely to be left out.

Regardless of the negatives, The Red Wine Diet is definitely worth trying if you are serious about weight loss. The good thing is that you really won’t lose anything in trying it. In fact you stand to gain a lot because you not only enjoy your wine and great food but also lose weight in the process. However, it is important to mention that patience and persistence are very important.

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