Rich Lubbock & Jim Tellman’s Electricity Freedom System Review


Electricity and gas are essential sources of energy in the modern world. They run so many household, commercial and industrial activities. Despite that fact, they are growing expensive by the day. And that is why Rich Lubbock came up with the Electricity Freedom System – a revolutionary product that is meant to help people save electricity and gas for many generations to come.

Simply put, Electricity Freedom System is an energy guide that will help you create your own power plant at home. It is a step-by-step model that will teach you how to set up a miniature power generator that will enable you to produce and use natural energy at your home. Consequently, the system will make you self-sufficient as far as energy goes and thus bring your electricity and gas expenses to zero within a month.

Therefore, it is designed for people who want to have natural, cheap and reliable energy regardless of whether there is an energy crisis, the power grid has collapsed or oil has run out.

Electricity Freedom System Details

The Developer

The Electricity Freedom System was created by Rich Lubbock and his colleague Jim Tellman. Lubbock is a professional researcher in renewable energy and claims that the inspiration behind the system came from a personal experience. Back in 2011, he and his expectant wife were forced to deal with a very long power outage that had been caused by a heavy snowfall. That forced him to deliberate on the possibility of a natural source of energy that would be reliable, cheap and ideal for households. With help from Jim Tellman, he came up with the idea of Electricity Freedom System.

The Electricity Freedom System Package
So what do you get when you purchase the Electricity Freedom System?

  • A pdf document with details on how to build your DIY generator.
  • Professionally made videos supplement the pdf document.
  • A list of all the materials that you will need in order to generate your own energy.
  • A list of all the natural plant-based materials that you should use ass fuel for the generator.
  • A comprehensive guide on how to proof your system from harsh environments like rain.

Requirements for Setting up Electricity Freedom System

In order to set up the system, you will need plywood, plastic tarp, insulation tapes, screws, a dryer horse, a thermometer, and adhesives. Please note that the guide contains all the instructions on how and where to use each of the things listed above. However, it is worth noting that there is neither fire nor fumes involved and therefore the connection process is extremely safe.

How the System Works

Electricity Freedom System ReviewThe system itself is pretty revolutionary. It features very simple converters; one for generating electricity and the other for making an organic gas. The gas is not biogas but is as effective as other conventional energies.

As mentioned already, the system generates power from organic materials. That means you will have to add a few pounds of plant-based materials like hay, grass, sticks and others into the main compartment every few days. Add a few gallons of water every week and the mixture will decompose in a natural way to produce large volumes of energy. The generator will capture the energy and convert it to a usable form (electricity and gas). The system does not need any maintenance but routine dusting wouldn’t hurt.


  • Comprehensive guide: you will get a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up your own home-based power generator. It even comes with video guides for easy understanding. You will learn about the best inputs and what to do in order to ensure maximum efficiency of your generator.
  • Easy to set up: the system is very easy to build even for someone who has never built anything before. It is also safe and will not compromise your safety or that of your loved ones as you set it up.
  • Cheap power source: the program will help you create a low-maintenance power generator that is as good as your current source of energy. You will only need to spend money on initial installation. Once the system is up and running you won’t have to pay anything to get household energy.
  • Effortless: operating the Electricity Freedom System is as easy as ABC. The only thing that you will be required to do is add input materials and water. The system will do the rest once you connect it to your power box.
  • Easy to understand: the manual and videos use very simple English that pretty much anybody who can read can understand. That makes the whole guide easy to follow.
  • Eco-friendly: this energy source is very clean and does not harm the environment like other modern sources of power.
  • Money-back guarantee: if the program doesn’t deliver as per your expectations you can file a complaint and you will get your entire investment back. You have a 60-day window to do so (after the day of purchase).
  • Unlimited support: once you purchase the program, you will get a lifetime subscription to the manufacture’s help and support center for free.


  • You will need to spend some money in the initial installation of the system. It is not entirely free because there is the installation cost. That being said, maintenance is absolutely free.
  • The program is available online only. That might pose a challenge to people who don’t fancy digital products.
  • It requires some time and effort from you because it will take approximately three hours to build.

The final verdict of the Electricity Freedom System is that its benefits outweigh disadvantages. Therefore, it is a great product that not only saves you money but also conserves the environment. Remember that with this system you won’t have to pay any electricity or gas bills for the rest of your life. If at any time you feel that it is not worth your investment you can demand you a full refund and you will get it without any questions asked. Give it a try today and enjoy a 60-day money back period over which you can try and test the well-written instructions.

UPDATE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE, STAY AWAY! If You need a serious and tested alternative, you may check DIY Home Energy System.


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