Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Attraction Review

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It can be frustrating to stay single for a long time when you want to start dating. There are certain resources that can make a hugely positive difference in your life. The Stealth Attraction guide is just one of these products, but it has an incredible reputation. If you want to start attracting the opposite sex as skillfully as possible, you’ll want to read this review. We will go in depth with how this product can change your life for the better.

How it Works

Stealth Attraction is an entire system for attracting women, and it takes you through everything step by step. The “stealth” aspect of this system refers to the subtle way in which you can start getting girls. This product is broken down into a number of sections that will each provide you with some very important information on attraction.


There are multiple parts of this system that can help you with attracting the opposite sex as effectively as possible, including:

Stealth Opening
There are numerous digital PDF files that give you an effective way to get started with this program. These resources help to increase your chances of success when following this system so that you get the best possible results. Everything is laid out in a very easy-to-understand way. It is important that you read through these files before moving on. This will prepare you for what is to come.

Establishing a Social Circle
One of the most important aspects of this program is establishing a proper social circle. One of the main reasons that so many guys can’t get girls is because they lack social skills. This part of the program will explain exactly how to do this. The sooner you start building up your social circle, the sooner you will be able to start attracting girls.

Building Confidence
This program will also teach you how to approach women with confidence to increase your chances of scoring with them. The method that is outlined in detail uses certain elements of hypnosis, making it incredibly effective. It is an MP3 audio file that you can listen to at home, in the car or wherever. Listening to it can make all the difference when it comes to how you approach and interact with women on a daily basis.

Arousal and Seduction
You will also learn how to effectively arouse and seduce women in a very subtle way to where they won’t even know it is happening. Lots of guys fail to succeed at seducing women because the methods they use are far too abrasive and obvious. This resource will teach you how to get just about any girl you want from the very first encounter. There are numerous tips and advice that can go a long way towards helping you with these things.

MPUA University Subscription
The 14-day MPUA University subscription that you get when purchasing this product will provide you with numerous supplemental resources. The Members Page gives a detailed breakdown of all the products that this system is made up of. You will get exactly what you need to turn your dating life around starting now.

Advantages of Using the Stealth Attraction Program

There are lots of reasons to use the Stealth Attraction program, such as:

  • Get more dates: This system is specifically designed to help guys get dates more easily.
  • More confidence: The more you use this system, the more confidence you will attain. Confidence is the key to a successful dating life, so it can help you on multiple levels.
  • Works for everyone: Any guy can use this program to improve their skills when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. You will be able to get noticeable results no matter how you look or what your situation is.
  • Easy to follow: All of the information in these resources is laid out in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. Everything is very easy to implement in your day to day life so you can get the best possible results.

Disadvantages of Using the Stealth Attraction Program

One of the main disadvantages of the Stealth Attraction program is that it is only available online. You won’t be able to purchase these resources in any store. It’s also important to remember that you need to be patient while working through all of the steps that make up this guide.

What Are People Saying About Stealth Attraction?

There are tons of positive reviews for the Stealth Attraction system. It has helped lots of guys to improve their dating game in a noticeable way. There are plenty of testimonials for this product that you will be able to find online. After you have taken the time to read some of these reviews, it will become clear just how effective this program is. A majority of these reviews talk about how this program has helped to talk to girls and get their attention.


The complete Stealth Attraction system costs just $69.95, which really isn’t bad with all of the resources it gives you. You will have 60 days to get a full refund if you find that this system doesn’t give noticeable results. There are a lot of these types of products available online, but most of them are more expensive and don’t give you nearly as much.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that the Stealth Attraction program can be of great help to any guy who is willing to put in the effort. It can help you to improve your chances with girls on a massive level. If you want to start getting dates, this is a great product to invest in. It has detailed information that can make a hugely positive difference in your life. Guys who have anxiety when it comes to approaching girls will find this system very useful. It is laid out in an easy-to-understand way that makes implementing everything very simple. You will definitely get your money’s worth with this product.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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