Richard Lusting’s Lottery Winner University Review

The Lottery Winner University ReviewCan’t find the best lottery system? Lottery Winner University might be the answer!

In this day and age when prices of commodities are touching skies everyday, trying one’s luck almost becomes a necessity. There is this little person inside of you that will always nudge you to bet on your luck. While some of us ignore that little someone blatantly, some others pay choose to pay attention to it. Those people who pay attention to it often end up buying lotteries. It is said that winning a lottery has everything to do with the lady luck being on your side. However, Richard Lusting of Florida believes differently. According to Richard, winning a lottery has a lot to do with how good you are at making strategies and following logic.

Lottery Winner University Overview

Richard Lusting has made a name for himself as a lottery expert. His credentials also make him eligible to make such a claim. Till date, Lusting has managed to win 7 grand prizes in the game of lottery. More recently, he decided to share his experience and secrets with other people through an online training program. The Lottery Winner University is a culmination of his hard put efforts. Lottery lovers can use this training program to learn more about the game of lottery.

In this small and handy book, Richard Lusting has dissected the game of lottery at great lengths. Not just that, he has discussed elaborately the various tricks, strategies and logics he has used over the years to win repeatedly. The online training program will also give readers some valuable tips on how to save money and spend efficiently while betting on lotteries. If you are someone who believes in putting efforts rather than relying on luck, this book will prove to be a good read.

Product Details

The Lottery Winner University isn’t one of those bulky books that put you to sleep as soon as you open them. Instead, it’s a small online program that’s full of interesting and to-the point reading material. It contains engaging videos which you can use to learn more about the game of lottery. This online training book will highlight for you various steps that you can follow to increase your chances of winning a lottery. As if that’s not already enough, the book will also shower upon you some tips and tricks that will help you both save and win money while you are trying your luck at a lottery.

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The book will answer many of the important questions you may have in your mind. How to buy tickets? How to go for second chance drawings? Why should you keep tickets that lose as a tax deductible? What numbers to bet on? All in all, the Lottery Winner University will prepare you mentally for playing lottery.


  • The biggest highlight of the Lottery Winner University is that it has been penned down by someone who has actually won lotteries. Not once, not twice, but on seven different occasions. These numbers are evident of the fact that this book is not just fluff. It actually offers something valuable that has came out of years of experience and effort.
  • The best thing about this book is that it is for beginners. Even if you have never tried your hand at a lottery before, you need not worry. This online course will be perfect for you. The Lottery Winner University is actually quite easy to understand and follow. Everything given in the book has been explained in such great detail that you will have absolutely no problem in understanding what Lusting has to say. The tips offered are quite easy to understand and prove to be quite helpful.
  • Yet another highlight of this course is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the book and what it has to offer and if you think that the course is not doing anything considerable for you, you can always ask back for your money.
  • The Lottery Winner University course is inexpensive. In comparison to other programs and books that are highly priced, the Lottery Winner University program is quite affordable. Moreover, the person trying the course is asked to pay a membership fee on a monthly basis. This essentially means that you can divide the overall cost of the program into easy monthly instalments. This way, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of lottery without having to worry about the money.
  • One of the greatest disadvantage of the Lottery Winner University is that this course is only available online. While this may not be a big problem for people who are used to reading on laptops and kindles, it may become a big problem for people who actually prefer to read books while holding them in hands. For such people, this online course will offer some inconvenience.
  • There are a lot of things that this online course actually hides from its readers. For starters, the course does not tell people that Richard Lusting actually buys a lot of tickets, many more than a normal person would be interesting in buying. Since Richard buys so many tickets, his chances of winning actually become enhanced automatically.
  • While the Lottery University Winner gives a reader many valuable suggestions, it also contains some fairly basic advice that the course could have simply done avoided.
  • One has to pay a membership fee to get access to this online course. While this may seem a good idea to some people who like to divide their expenses over months, paying a monthly fee may seem like a burden to some other people, especially when they are on a tight budget. However, since this online course offers money-back guarantee and subscribers can end their membership whenever they want, this drawback causes less aggravation in people than expected.

The Lottery University Winner is a good read. This online course will make you well-versed with the game of lottery. It will also give you some valuable advice and tips that will prove to be handy. If you follow the various instructions given in the book, your chances of winning a lottery will actually increase. However, this online course won’t give you magical tricks and secrets. It won’t give you a sure shot formula to win the lottery. The game of lottery is a random one and hence, the winning numbers or the winning formula can never be definitely predicted.

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Michael says October 13, 2018

There are better systems out there. At its current price tag this is a good investment (when it was more expensive it wasn’t worth it). I’ve seen it work for some people but it doesn’t suit me very well.

Noah says October 18, 2018

Not a very good system. I’m don’t think anyone can win the lottery with this although you might win a bit of money by getting a few numbers right. It could have been so much better.

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