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Every year millions of people suffer from sciatica pain and spend thousands of dollars for treatments to reduce the pain. They may have some pain free days but eventually the pain returns significantly worse because they are not addressing the actual underlying problem for the pain. A man by the name of Dr. Ryan Shelton has created a system that has been tested and proven to rid sciatica pain. It’s called the Sciatica Free system. He takes a different approach than most doctors for addressing the pain and fixes it. Most doctors tackle sciatica relief with pain medications, therapies, and sometimes steroid injections. Dr. Shelton tackles them with a natural synergistic approach that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This method uses multiple natural treatments at the same time to deliver pain relieving results. The system has been scientifically proven to relieve pain such as numbness, sore muscles and other symptoms that are associated with sciatica. It is the perfect system for those who are more into natural healing and against taking pain medications. The bonus besides being pain and stress free, is that it is really affordable, especially when compared to the monthly cost of doctor’s visits and therapies.

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The Sciatica Free system consists of a two week program that one can easily do from their own home or any other comfortable place of their choosing. Dr. Shelton uses a synergistic method of approach by indicating seven important key areas at the same time. He then shows you how to treat these areas with simple day to day instructions. The seven areas have a lot to do with certain foods, vitamins, and minerals in your diet that can fight inflammation in order to help rid sciatica’s underlying causes and issues. His methods work extremely well at ridding sciatica pain for good. The Sciatica Free system also goes over some stretches and movements that target and heal your muscles that are affected by sciatica pain. The system goes over several other diet details and deficiencies that may be causing your sciatica to worsen as well but with his synergistic approach, you’re sure to be back to living a stress free life.

The whole package comes with three bonus products that will help increase the sciatica free system’s effectiveness as well. Just like his system states, with one method you may have some effect but with all the methods combined, you will see significant pain relieving results. I did after just a few days.


Sciatica Free ReviewThe advantages to Dr. Shelton’s Sciatica Free system should already have you excited on ridding your sciatica pain but just in case you need some more persuasion, keep this in mind. The longer that you wait to fix the actual underlying issues to the cause of your sciatica pain, the longer it will most likely last and return. So it’s important to act immediately to increase the effectiveness of any type of method that will solve the pain.

In just a few days you can see results that are achieved without the use of pain meds, therapies, or steroids. Not only is this safer, it’s also cheaper in price than any other method out there. After a few days of following the system, you will start to notice that your energy will increase and your stress levels will decrease as well. This was the first indication to me that it was working. After this, came the long relaxing comfortable nights of rest.

After a few days of following the Sciatica Free system I noticed a big increase in my overall health as well. I felt like I was in better health than I was before I originally started to get sciatica pain.

My stress was almost completely gone and I was able to focus and think a lot better than I could ever remember. It was safe to say that I was in the best health I have ever experienced and that’s not even the best part. The best part was that I didn’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to a doctor’s office for therapy. I just paid a one time payment and received the complete system along with the three bonus items. I followed the whole system as advised and received some noticable results almost immediately.


One of the most common beliefs people have about sciatica pain is that it will go away on its own without any treatment. This is a big false belief that Dr. Shelton addresses in Sciatica Free system. He informs you of the possible results of not treating sciatica pain immediately or when symptoms arise. Thinking the pain will just go away on its own can eventually cause permanent damage in the form of chronic pain. This can lead to several years of discomfort, pain, and numbness that pain medications will not be able to relieve. Many sufferers of sciatic nerve pain, will usually visit a doctor who will recommend bedrest but this is also something to avoid as well. Bed rest will not do anything about your symptoms. All other ways of trying to treat sciatica pain will only mask the actual problem but will not specifically target the root. Think of these other solutions as band-aids for the problem because that’s all they will do. They may help relieve pain for a short period but more than likely, the pain will return and sometimes worse than before. Taking advantage of Dr. Shelton’s scientifically proven Sciatica Free system is the best, and most affordable choice.


Dr. Shelton’s approach should already have you believing that it will provide results. If it doesn’t, keep in mind that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. If a company provides this type of risk free guarantee, that should already show some sign of how confident they are in their product. I took advantage of the system and have been pain free ever since. Even if you have a busy schedule, fitting the system into your daily routine for two weeks is very simple. I am glad I spent money on this product before spending hundreds of dollars and hours of time on therapy. If you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain, try Dr. Shelton’s Sciatica Free system before anything else. It’s risk free and more affordable than any other traditional doctor’s approaches.

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