Scott Mason’s 7 Minute Mindfulness Review

7 Minute Mindfulness ReviewIs 7 Minute Mindfulness developed by Scott Mason a good choice?

Your mind has the power to achieve the impossible! But this true potential of your mind cannot be invoked unless it is clear of all thoughts and can focus on what you are trying to accomplish. But sadly, in most of our lives, it is the stress and negative emotions of our daily life that takes over and it subdues the true power of our mind.

You might have that constant desire to take complete control of your mind, thoughts and life! But, nothing seems to be working out for you at the moment, does it! Maybe, you even tried out some random meditation exercises hoping to free your mind. You make up New Year resolutions and fresh promises to yourself that you would spend more time every day to meditation and other exercises. You might have forced yourself to join that Yoga classes in your neighborhood too. But, despite all this effort from your part, the changes still doesn’t seem to be happening! And sometimes, you find it really hard to fit all these activities into your already packed daily routine.

So, should you lose all hope of freeing your mind and improving your life? Maybe not! All you need to do is to find the right source of inspiration. What you need is a simple and less time-consuming meditation exercise that is highly effective as well. Here is one product that tries to do the same and we have tried it out and reviewed it for you.

7 Minute Mindfulness Overview

The Seven Minute Mindfulness program is an audio-oriented meditation system that helps people to cleanse their mind and live a happier life. The exercises and techniques in it find the source of your strain and worries and throws it out of your mind and body.

The program uses 7 minute long audio recordings as meditation sessions to relieve the stress and tension in your body. It makes use of relaxation music and binaural audio effectively to grant some real mental soothing to the users of the system.

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The Seven Minute Mindfulness is created by Scott Mason, an accident survivor who used meditation techniques to heal himself with the power of his mind. The product is the result of his 7 years-long intense research and undying passion. He has traveled to countries like India, Cambodia, China and Thailand to learn and explore different meditation techniques. The final product you get has combined elements of different mindfulness practices from across the globe after weighing and analyzing the benefits and downsides of each of it.

Product Details

The Seven Minute Mindfulness is a meditation system engineered by Scott Mason. Sold at 47$ on its official website, the program mostly consists of audio clips and eBooks. The bonus features that come with the system include Follow your Breath, Wealthy Brain System, Turning Anxiety into Love and Joy, Your Ultimate Love Life Plan by Bob Grant and a free trial membership to the Amazing Self Help. The program offers a 60 day money-back guarantee as well.


  • The highly reasonable pricing of the product turns out to be its most attractive aspect. The Seven Minute Mindfulness delivers a lot for the small cost you incur. You would be spending a lot lesser money compared to the huge bucks you would be paying for similar meditation programs and your neighborhood yoga classes. With its effective medication technique and all the useful bonus features included in the system, the Seven Minute Mindfulness is a true value for money product worth every penny you pay for it.
  • The meditation technique followed in the program is extremely simple to follow and do. It doesn’t involve much physical strain or mental exertion. You need not sit in any awkward physical poses like in the case of Yoga and other meditation exercises. All you need to do is lie back, plug in your earphones and listen to the soothing 7 minute long meditation tracks. So, the best part about this meditation program is that even physically handicapped people and bed-ridden patients can try it out comfortably.
  • The Seven Minute Mindfulness program embraces technology and makes good use of relaxation music as well. The program integrates therapeutic music technology into it as an important aspect of it and uses binaural audio technology to derive the right results. This makes it a unique and refreshing experience for the users of the program.
  • Unlike most other meditation programs and mind exercises, the Seven Minute Mindfulness is not time-consuming. It takes just 7 minutes of your time. This simply means that you can try out this program without disrupting your daily routine or lifestyle. You needn’t make any big changes to your daily schedule to accommodate this meditation program into it. The best part is that 7 minutes of this exercise gives results equivalent to that of an hour-long meditation session. So, the program manages to save you a lot of time.
  • Another good thing about the program is that it does not need you to have any pre-requisite knowledge or pre-experience in the field of mediation and mind exercises. Anyone can try it out and do it effectively! It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience and knowledge about it.
  • The effects of a 7 minute session aren’t just momentary. The good vibes lasts you for the entire day and sometimes even for a few days. Getting a daily dosage of the program has a long-term impact on your mental state and happiness.
  • The 60 day long warranty policy offered by the program creators is impressive. In case you are not satisfied with the program, you are eligible for a full refund. So, you can purchase the product and try it out without any pressure of losing your money.
  • The Seven Minute Mindfulness system and its audio files are compatible over different output mediums. You can listen to the audio files through your phones, stereo speakers or computer. This allows you to access it from anywhere you want at anytime you need to.
  • The bonus features that come with the product are quite a handful. It includes a free trial membership to the Amazing Self program as well.
  • There are no flaws to point out here! The Seven Minute Mindfulness system and its bonus features are highly effective in achieving each of its objectives.
  • There is just one thing for you should take care of. If you don’t want to continue the free trial membership of Amazing Self, please remember to cancel it after the trial period. Or, you might be charged for it from the subsequent month.
  • The whole program focuses on binaural audio technology and relaxation music to achieve the desired results. So, unless you have good quality headphones, the experience might not be up to the mark.

The Seven Minute Mindfulness program opens up all the energy centers in your body. It can help your face your inner demons and also alleviates any physical pain you might be experiencing. The meditation program will be your secret weapon in your journey towards a more joyful life!

With its affordable pricing and attractive warranty policy, the Seven Minute Mindfulness program is surely worth trying out. We strongly recommend that you go ahead and grab a copy of it! Help yourself achieve a peaceful state of inner calmness.

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