Simon White’s The Faith Diet Review

The Faith Diet ReviewUnhealthy lifestyle is a huge issue all over the world. People are facing the problem of obesity and they often fail to understand the underlying problems. They are in need of a regime that will actually help them in losing the weight. It isn’t very hard to find but you need to search in the right places. The Faith Diet is one such program that is currently one of the best ones available in the market. This program helps in breaking your negative stereotypes on weight loss and provides you with a new view of shedding the extra kilos.

What is the Faith Diet?

The Faith Diet is a weight loss program that is based on the facts that mankind has known for 2000 years. Simon White the creator of the book has studied a lot before he actually released it to everyone. It is a brilliant way of getting rid of obesity without going in the usual way. They ways come from a hidden fact that the author found in the Bible. The program hits us at the main problem, the food that we eat. So, it actually helps us in eating the food that helped people keep fit in the ancient days. The author is a part of the church as a Father had first-hand knowledge about the things. He thought of giving us the much needed Biblical transformation that we strongly need.

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The main point of following this program is its root in our earlier history. The people who lived in the Biblical times had better health than all of us. The author talks about the things that Christ and his people used to eat at their time. These foods are mentioned in the Holy Bible and they definitely help you in gradual and effective weight loss. The foods actually help in reducing the chronic inflammation present in most people’s body. It effectively balances the disrupted hormone levels and purifies the body and our blood.

The program is written in the form of a guidebook so that it is easy to follow for all of us. The book also has information about foods and diets that will help us in eliminating toxins from our body.

The ebook also talks about the Lazarus Discovery Fat Healing System which helps us in restoring the level of health of our body. This includes boasting of the immunity system and also the extent of fighting of existing diseases.

The author also includes a Prayer discipline system e-book as a bonus feature of the book. Discipline is an important thing when it comes to our body and we need to get rid of the stress that is present in our body. The modern world is filled with such negativity and so prayers can actually help us to calm ourselves down.

The Guardian Angel Fat Burning Encyclopaedia is also included in the pack and it is a complete crash course in making your body lose a lot of weight in a short period of time without the ill consequences.

Benefits of reading the Faith Diet:

These are some of the benefits that you can derive through the Faith Diet Program:

  • Easy to Follow: It is an extremely easy program as the foods that the author has mentioned are easily available near you.
  • Easy to Read: The program is in an e-book platform and so you can read it with ease. The language is lucid and easy to understand.
  • Reactivation of Metabolism: The program helps in reactivating the metabolism of your body and pushes you to lose the excess weight.
  • Money Back Guarantee: The author provides you with a 60-day money back guarantee if you do not like the program or if it fails to give you weight loss.
  • No Side Effects: The program helps you to have a weight loss without the side effects or harmful effects of the usual weight loss regime. You do not need to put any harmful thing in your body to achieve the weight loss.
  • No Exercise is Needed: You wouldn’t need to take out any extra time to do any form of exercise which is one of the most recommended ways of weight loss in the modern age.
  • Extras: The best thing is that the author provides you with several extra things when you purchase the Faith diet e-book.


The only drawback that I noticed about the program is that it is only available in a soft copy. It would have been good if the author sold a hard copy for people who do not make the use of the internet. But we can say that you need a lot of determination to actually get into the regime to fed your extra pounds. In time you will reap the benefits and forget about any of the remaining drawbacks.

Who should buy the Faith Diet?

We think that everyone should keep this helpful book in-hand to actually maintain their health quotient. But it is extra crucial for people who want to lose the extra pounds and have tried almost everything that is available in the market. They will actually get better help than any of the personal training programs that are available in the health centers.


The price of the e-book is $37 and you have to pay before you receive the e-book. The author does include extra bonuses so that they can justify the price. Along with that, a 60-day money back guarantee is present for people who aren’t happy with either the book or if it has failed for them.


In conclusion, we can say that the Faith Diet is one of the best e-books for the weight that is available on the market right now. You get the information that is absent on any of the platforms that deals with weight loss and bodybuilding. The e-book is apt to make everyone aware of their health and also of the things that they should actually eat. So, if you are suffering from obesity then this is the book that you should definitely keep by your side.

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