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Let me ask you two questions: Do you want to protect yourself and your family from people who can hurt them? Do you want to keep your loved ones completely safe during times of war and civil unrests? If yes, the Bulletproof Home is all you need. Crafted by a veteran US army by the name Steven Walker, Bulletproof Home is a comprehensive program that features a series of effective home defense techniques that are meant to help you alongside your family remain safe during times of war and civil unrest. The program also shares insights and techniques that you can use to keep your loved ones from bad people.

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According to the creator of the program Steve Walker, the information contained in Bulletproof Home is based on his personal experiences that he previously had with experienced preppers while traveling in war-hit nations. Inside his guide, Steve shares realistic strategies and techniques that anyone can use to keep them and their loved ones completely protected during dangerous times. Inside his program, Steve covers the following:

  • Best way to prepare your home for war and civil unrest devoid of interrupting your everyday life.
  • Best way to convince your spouse or partner to start prepping devoid of you looking crazy.
  • Why investing your money on security alarm systems is a complete waste of both time and money, since these gadgets are completely useless when it comes to keeping burglars away from your house.
  • Why putting up a safe room is a huge mistake, plus what is a more safer and efficient alternative you can use.
  • How to develop the senses and abilities of a veteran soldier.
  • What to do when confronted by a group of angry people, especially when you aren’t armed or you in a company of an injured family member.
  • A unique mind-controlling technique that is normally used by the FBI agents. This technique will help you keep intruders off your home and family.
  • Valuable information on how to hide your water tank properly so that you don’t run out of water during difficult times.
  • How to get unruly kids to behave and cooperate in order to maintain your security plans.

Bulletproof Home also includes 4 free reports namely:

  • Boomer’s Guide to Prepping: this report is specially designed for preppers who are older than 60. It teaches them how to maximize their strengths and capabilities to make up for their less physical strength.
  • Doctor In a Box: the report comes handy especially in situations when local hospitals have been shut down, or in situations where there are no doctors around.
  • Crash Proof: The report is designed to teach you some of the things you can do for purposes of preparing yourself for an economic meltdown. According to Steve Walker, he had to talk to people from different countries that had survived major economic meltdowns for him to prepare this detailed report.
  • Unlimited Power: the report covers some of the alternative energy sources that can keep your appliances running during a crisis.


Below are some of Steve Walker’s program best selling points:

Bulletproof Home ReviewContains credible information – The strategies and lessons contained in this program were derived from people who have actually lived in war-torn nations. Again, it is based on the personal experiences of real preppers, something that makes every bit of information in the program quite credible. Besides, Steve himself is an US army veteran and thus he is in a suitable position to share firsthand knowledge on how to protect yourself and loved ones from people who are up to no good. This is why Bulletproof Home stands out from tons of similar programs that are available on today’s market.

It is an inexpensive investment – For an inexpensive, one-time price, you will get an informative program that covers smart techniques that you can use to protect your loved ones during crisis, and further protect them against bad people. The 4 bonus reports offered by the owner of the program aren’t only useful, but they also make the entire program a very affordable choice in comparison to lots of similar online programs.

100% money-back guarantee – The program is backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee , meaning that you are entitled to a full refund if in case you aren’t fully satisfied with the program 60 days after purchasing it. In other words, investing in Bulletproof Home is absolutely risk free for you don’t have to worry about losing your money at all.

Easy to understand and follow – Steve doesn’t use any technical jargon in this program. He uses simple and clear words that can be easily understood by anyone with a decent understanding of the English language. Better still, all the ideas in this program are well-organized and clearly illustrated for readers. Simply put, Bulletproof Home is written with the average person out there in mind.


While Bulletproof Home is overly a great program for anyone seeking to keep their loved ones completely protected, it however has a number of disadvantages like any other program. Below are a couple of cons associated with Bulletproof Home:

It isn’t for the lazy – To get the most of this program, you must practice all the methods and techniques taught by Steve Walker. You clearly have to apply what you learn from this program to get the best possible results. As such, Bulletproof Home isn’t for the lazy.

Only sold online – While both physical and digital versions of this program are readily available, you must however purchase Bulletproof Home online because that is the only place where it is sold.


Like with any other survival program. Bulletproof Home has its own sets of cons and pros, and thus it isn’t perfect. But the fact that it features credible information makes it unique from similar online products. Again, it is easy to follow and further offers great value for money. Better still, investing in Bulletproof Home is risk-free thanks to the solid money-back guarantee, and thus you have nothing to lose by giving this program a try. All in all, Bulletproof Home is an excellent choice for anyone looking forward to keeping their loved ones safe during times of war and civil unrest. Therefore, purchase Bulletproof Home today and learn everything there is to learn about keeping your loved ones safe.


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Tyler says August 6, 2016

With all the terrorist attacks in Europe and our own internal problems, it’s more and more obvious we, as citizens, have to watch our backs. I don’t own a gun and don’t think I’ll buy one in the near future but I need to know, for my own sanity, that my family is protected. Bulletproof home seems like a reasonable solution and it won’t make me look like a lunatic in my wife’s eyes, so yes, it’s worth a shot.

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