Charles Hayek’s Surviving the Final Bubble Book Review

Surviving the Final Bubble ReviewCharles Hayek, Surviving the Final Bubble’s author is a retired professor in Economics. For a better part of his life he learned macroeconomics as well as the bust within the global economy and the cycles of boom. During his study, he discovered a weird trend which has since continued for the past two decades. And prior to discovering the emerging derivatives disaster, he did not take seriously individuals who believed in disaster preparedness. Studying the forthcoming economic meltdown completely changed his mindset.

Charles then recalled one of his previous faculty members named Mark Baker. Mark had actually left his job in the year 2009 and devoted his time to prepping. One thing that Charles recalled Mark saying is ‟the safety of my family comes first, everything else is irrelevant″. This is when he knew he had to contact him. When he agreed to meet him, Charles knew he had found the proper individual after he told him that he had been to Greece in the worst moment of the crisis to notice really what was happening and how individuals dealt with an economic meltdown.

After staying for five months in Greece with four families in the main impoverished areas, understanding how an economic meltdown affects their everyday lives and attempting to assist them as he put his survival understanding to test. He found out that he had used most of his time searching for solutions, watching documentaries, reading limitless books and attending survival seminars and training. He then decided to survive on a 300 dollar budget during his entire trip.

Mark encountered numerous hardships, suffering and pain to determine how to thrive and survive during the collapse. After Mark narrated his own experience, they discussed about issues that occur during an economic collapse and ways to solve them. They decided to combine their knowledge and create an economic crisis survival plan for their families which would deal with both wealth protection and survival. This led to the emergence of the ‟Surviving the final bubble program″

Surviving the Final Bubble PDF Overview

Inside the wealth protection segment, you will notice the following:

  • They will illustrate to you actually the reason silver might emerge as the ideal area to put your wealth and the place to acquire it to prevent scammers. During ancient times, in times of an economic disaster the price of silver rises, not mentioning the reality that silver coins are simple to trade with as well as store.
  • You will understand the best assets to purchase in times of a crisis. This is not necessarily preparation, but it means reacting on the moment and grabbing a chance that might end your entire financial worries.
  • The three major assets you don’t need to account to the United States government. In the year 1933, ownership of monetary gold was termed criminal and the government through the directive of President Franklin D. Roosevelt impounded numerous tons from citizens during the Great Depression. This could take place again during an economic meltdown to whichever possessions the government desires to acquire from you. This program will explain to you the most secure investments to make to safeguard your monetary stability.
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The above information will enable you to survive in the Big Bank Derivatives Collapse especially when it does not go out of control. However, if this happens, Marks hard acquired expertise will steer you through the most awful scenarios. Inside you will find:

  • Unluckily, due to their frailness and stature, senior citizens and children are the weakest associations during disastrous circumstances such as these. However, this does not have to occur anymore. This is because you will acquire several important tips to ensure their wellbeing and safety all the time.
  • You will learn the secrets to establish strong connections in the community and how to emerge as a leader. You will discover how to form a cohesive group and ways to manage hazardous situations.


  • When you follow Surviving the Final Bubble program, you will not need to steal, borrow, or beg to buy clothes for your children, offer them food, or live in impoverished conditions in times of a crisis.
  • More than 1000 families gained from this program without giving a single cent.
  • Surviving the final bubble program is available online.
  • Among the 1000 individuals that received the program decided to make a contribution to this project through sharing two comprehensive survival books. They include the‟ Secrets to Sanitation after SHTF″ and ‟Survival Mindset″.
  • The Survival Mindset. In times of a crisis, majority lose their lives since they initially gave in to emotional stress. This book is devoted to explaining to you the secrets to rise above the strong emotions which can defeat even an experienced survivalist in a disaster.
  • In the first chapter, you will realize the easy blueprint for dealing with emotional stress which can damage even the most cautiously assembled survival plan.
  • You will discover the easy remedies for the worst crippling emotional conditions: Anxiety, isolation and hopelessness. This knowledge will ensure you and each member of your group remains steadfast, disciplined and confident. It will also enhance your prospects of survival.
  • Ways to boost your morale and uphold a positive approach. Using the above information will make it easier for you to emerge as a true leader within the community.
  • The Secrets to Sanitization after SHTF.

Surviving the Final Bubble book is designed to explain to you:

  • How to remain protected from ailments by use of survival methods to eliminate potentially dangerous garbage and waste.
  • How to effectively make use of limitless hygiene supplies to enhance their effectiveness.
  • In addition, you will learn how to ensure hygiene is a priority in disastrous moments. Important resources should at all times be safeguarded for increased priority sanitization requirements and not squandering on insignificant ones.
  • Another advantage is that the above bonuses are absolutely free coupled with your print of ‟Surviving the final bubble″.
  • Also, in case you are not satisfied with the program, you will get a refund within 48 hours with no queries asked.
  • Surviving the Final Bubble also has no risks involved and comes with a 60 day trial offer.


Surviving the Final Bubble program is only available online.


By using Surviving the Final Bubble program, you will be able to feel your anxiety and worries melt away.

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Glenna Turner says April 4, 2016

Is this information available in a hard copy? I’d much rather have a book because e-readers are not easy for me to read. Even though this is for future preparedness, electronic information won’t be of much use when the SHTF and one cannot access the information.

TBGC says April 20, 2016

I agree with Glenna. I want a hard copy!

M.C. says May 1, 2016

I sometimes print out the .pdf files for materials like this–easier to read and can be read when the power is out (as in a crisis).

Robert Mobble says May 2, 2016

Is the download free?

    ContinuumBooks Staff says May 9, 2016

    No, it’s a commercial product.

S.P. says September 29, 2016

I really want the book but it is too much money for a person that is already poor in a third world country. Is not a way to make it cheaper or to pay in little parts?

Stancovitch says February 4, 2017

37 dollars for just an ebook????? What a scam!!! Is this the author personal secret on how to survive the next bubble? Make tons of money at our expense so HE will be able to live more then comfortably while other perish? Thanks but not thanks!! I fund others books on the subject free of charge in internet that promised the same outcome as his book does. They are all geniuses when is about to get rich!!

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