Sylvia Favela’s Bodyweight Pilates Review

Bodyweight Pilates ReviewIs Bodyweight Pilates by Sylvia Favela really that good?

My 2017 started with the sunshine of resolution where it has been listed that this year I will lose weight and I will stay fit. But it’s been one month, and I have already broken my resolution. I just do not why this diet resolution is so hard to keep. Sometimes I wonder if there is any easy way out! Does this story resemble yours? Do you also have this secret wish of having an easy way just like me? If so, I can feel you, bro! Here, today I am going to introduce to you one such fitness workout system which promises to reduce your fat within a few months. But does it actually work? Or how effective it can be? We will discuss everything step by step. Before that let us give you guys some insight into what Body Weight Pilates is. Have a look.

Bodyweight Pilates Details

Unlike any other workout system, Body Weight Pilates workout system works in a different way. Body Pilate focuses on your own weight to work up your core strength. The workouts take a few minutes a day, so one can easily include it into their daily schedule. Body weight Pilate is a great tool to figure out and work out with your problems related to muscles and health. As you know taking control of your weight is the biggest step towards being healthier.

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However, you may notice that after a month or two workout seasons, your weight has reduced but no significance change can be seen in your midsection. Stubborn belly fat is like the kid who constantly seeks for your mobile phone! But no worries! With new Body Weight Pilates workout system, the belly fat will not be a problem anymore. The Body Weight Pilates system helps you to increase your lean muscles up while strengthening the center of your body. Body Weight Pilates helps your whole body to work out in a rhythmic way, but the most befitted area will be your lower abdomen. If you have not experienced the touch of six packs before, maybe it is the time to make it happen with this Body Weight Pilates workout system.

How does it Work?

The Pilate program is all set to use your core strength and thus making your body healthier. Necessarily, the all of your strength is centered in your abdomen, and it is your abdomen part that will be benefited from this program. Body Weight Pilates uses a unique workout way in which you need very little of equipment. It uses your own body for resistance. For this system to work properly, you have to put efforts to get the ultimate result. You do not really need any gym membership to carry out this program. The best part is, you can try this system on your own, in your living room.

The Body Weight Pilate system costs only $15. After payment, you will get access to the DVD with instructions. You will also have a PDF file where you can find many other detailed instructions for the use. You can use this product for 60 days. And if you don’t get any result within 60 days as the company promised, you will get your money back.

What does this Body Weight Pilates include?

  • 31 core Body Weight Pilates exercises.
  • 11 upper Body weight Pilates exercises.
  • 11 lower Body Wight Pilates.
  • Pilate core-V video series which contains the top Pilate core exercises to strengthen your abdomen and midsection.
  • Body Weight Pilates Guide book.

Along with these, you also get a series of products which will help you to stay motivated with this workout system. And those products are Workout Calendars and Printed Worksheets.


After we have done going into the details of this Body Weight Pilates workout system, let us focus on the advantage and disadvantage section of this review. First the advantages. The Advantages of Body Weight Pilates Workout systems are as follow:

  • Develops core strength – The Body Weight Pilates system uses your core strength to reduce weight and also helps you to build up your abdomen. If you start to use this system regularly, it will gradually build up your core strength, and your core strength will increase.
  • It prevents diabetes and asthma – With the help of some special core exercises as mentioned under the Body Weight Pilate, you can prevent diabetes, asthma and you cardiac system will improve too.
  • Increase balance – As this Body Weight system helps you to stabilize your muscles, in the long run, it helps your increase your whole body balance as such.
  • Prevents Injury – It is a great remedy for preventing injury, especially muscle injuries. As through this system, you get to work on your muscles; your weak spots become strengthen and prevents injury in a greater scale.
  • Grow Abs! – As mentioned earlier, it is amazing for growing abs. If you are interested in building up a six pack, this workout is perfect for you.
  • Back Pain – If you use Body Weight Pilates regularly, you back pain will be released. As it works on muscles, the system first hits hard on releasing your back pain.
  • Better Focus – Body Weight Pilates urges you to focus more on your breath, your body and how they move together. Surely, this needs a lot of concentration, and eventually, your focus power becomes good.
  • Boost up brainpower – Apart from honing your focus, it boosts up your brainpower too. Body Weight Pilates makes your blood circulation better, as a result of that your nerves on brain work well. In this way, your memory power increases and you become more active.
  • Time – Before trying out any workout system, the one thing that strikes hard our mind is Time. How will we be able to make time for a workout? Well, Body Weight Pilates resolves that problem as it is not a time-consuming program. All you have to do is to find out a break of 15 or 20 minutes and you are done!

Yes, I agree on Body Weight Pilates system lots of advantages. However, it has some disadvantages too. Those are as follows:

  • You have to process this program regularly. It may give you a quick effect, but that immediate effect needs daily efforts. If you skip a day or two, it will be just harder to reach the goal. It is easy, but you cannot distract yourself.
  • There are some exercises mentioned here in Body Weight Pilates that is not back-friendly. So, if you have any serious issue with your back, you need to stay away from those exercises. Or if any exercise seems too hard for your back, stop doing it immediately.
  • While performing the exercises, you need to be very careful. As the exercises use your core strength to build up your body, any loose stroke can lead to some significant casualty. So you have to be very careful.

As mentioned in the disadvantage section, Body Weight Pilates needs lots of concentration and focus while performing. But if you can succeed that stage, Body Weight Pilates is an amazing workout system doubtlessly. So, do not wait anymore, grab your own package now!

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