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As the world’s economy, including the US economy, is predicted to be shaken in the future, experts are trying ways of countering that issue. However, there is one special program that has been designed for this purpose. Developed by a retired US Navy Seal James Wright, Takeover USA is a program designed to help you with the best financial tips that keep you safe from the bad economy. James Wright has created the program, which is based on his experience in the military. With a deep observation and comprehension of economics, he developed the Takeover Survival Plan.

Takeover USA is an eBook, which includes all the necessary resources that teach the top strategies to help you secure your financial state and learn the survival and preparedness tips. With over 50,000 customers, this eBook has proven to be a reliable product that solves the financial state of a person. It gives you all the necessary survival tips to get you prepared with your money, in case the US dollar collapses.

Takeover USA PDF Details

The Takeover USA program is designed for anyone who needs to secure their financial stability. It delivers the right strategies and aspects that help the user prepare accordingly. The developer of the program has broken it down into five training modules. The five modules cover the most crucial knowledge and skills of survival that will benefit you in the future. Here is a glimpse of the five modules included in the Takeover Survival Plan.

1. Module One: Financial Forecasts and Preparedness

This section deals with the necessary financial resources that you need to survive a crisis. However, it doesn’t talk about the savings in the bank. It explains that you need to invest your money with limited risk. Mr. Wright talks about a special investment that will keep you secured even when the economy melts down. He describes the major reason you keep on emptying your savings account. The module also describes top nine vital investment tips for total preparedness when crisis strikes.

2. Module Two: Seal Secrets For Defense and Survival

Having served the US. Navy for many years, Mr. Wrights gives the readers a glimpse of survival and defense secrets. You will learn about the six little-known tricks that cripple the joints of a huge attacker. There is also a look at how to trick the attacker into a susceptible position and the knockout strategy that is super effective, also called the Black Zone. You get to know all that the Seal learn to survive and defend themselves.

3. Module Three: The Ultimate Survival Food Guide

This section features the nine common mistakes made by most preparedness and survival experts, 77 foods for enduring survival and preparedness, as well as proper training when there is no electricity. These tricks are taught to the Navy Seal, which makes them ever ready. The food training guide helps you to consume the right food and ensure that you are free from any possible bacterial infection.

4. Module Four: The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

This module covers the medical secrets that have saved the lives of many, including the author. James talks about the tips on treating wounds while on the go, using cheap supplies. You will also learn how to treat stab wounds, gunshot wounds, or any other serious health condition that needs instant approach. With this module, you will not have to go to the hospital for any treatment. There is also a checklist of all the helpful medicine to find on-the-go and at home. The module also covers the life-saving plants, which can be helpful to enhance your immune system and fight infections.

5. The True Survivalists Weaponry Guide

Takeover USA ReviewHere, James talks about the vital weapons that you need to have at all times, along with other weapons that you can easily make at home. He even describes how to make a Thermite Bomb and pepper spray. You will learn about the necessary guns to have with you, and where specifically you should hide them if there is an attack. This module is meant to educate you on the necessary weapons that you will need at all times, and especially in times of an emergency attack.

Other than just educating you on your financial preparedness, the program explains all the necessary tips needed to survive. It prepares you financially and physically.

It also contains a bonus pack, called the Hero Training Program, which is equally helpful to every reader. The bonus pack comes in eight sections. Each section deals with all the important areas of your life. It also includes a family protection training that helps you be safe and prepared along with your family. You will get to know the right food to pick from the groceries and apply every possible way of staying fit and healthy.


This is a program that is meant to help you in every possible way. Some of the benefits of Takeover USA include the following:

  • It is proven to work. The Takeover USA program has over 50,000 users, who have testified of its genuineness.
  • It has been developed by a veteran Navy Seal. The developer is a retired US Navy Seal that has been in service for over 30 years.
  • It is all natural. There are no any cases of negative side effects since everything included is natural.
  • It is more than a financial help program. The Takeover USA program touches on all the possible survival and preparedness tips. It covers food, weapons, fitness, finances, protection, and other areas that help you stay healthy, fit and well prepared.
  • The developer offers a free Hero Training program that is worth more than $236. The Hero Training Program is the Bonus pack that educates the users on various ways of surviving.


  • Even though it is proven to work, it still needs the hard work and commitment of the user.
  • It is only available from the official website, which might not be easily accessible to others.
  • As the developer says, the government could shut down the site, because he speaks the truth about the American government.

Takeover USA is a special program that not only teaches readers on the tricks of being financially prepared but also gives the overall life survival tips. It also educates you on how to handle a gun, and how to pick the right one to use in case of a sudden attack. You will also learn about the best foods to buy and the right techniques of improving your self-defense without a weapon. Takeover USA is a program that you can be sure of enjoying and benefiting greatly from it.


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