TextDeliver 2.0 Review

TextDeliver 2.0 ReviewDesignated as one of the best ways to connect with clients and followers, Text Deliver is indeed taking over the world by storm. Text Deliver is an SMS marketing platform to reach out to everyone effortlessly. It has come out with a new, powerful and feature-rich version – Text Deliver 2.0. The reason why companies and individuals are so massively dependent on Text Deliver is that web users are blocking the annoying push notifications of the websites. With no push notification option available, site owners have only one choice which is text messages to communicate with their fans, followers and even potential clients.

As a matter of fact, it is faster, cheaper and most importantly, it is highly effective in getting your message across to generate leads and increase conversion rate. You can create and manage text message campaigns for your subscribers, followers, existing and potential clients and customers as well as targeted audiences whose details you have already collected through various sources. It is a fact that at least 95% of people will open their text message and read it. Therefore, it scores over email marketing and various other marketing strategies. You can promote your services and products as well as send weekly updates about your blogs.

TextDeliver 2.0 Details

Text Deliver 2.0 is considered to be the biggest SMS marketing platform that empowers you to create, send and manage your SMS campaigns and the list of contacts of your targeted audiences like never before. You can get extensive data and analytics by analyzing which you can get greater in-depth insights and understand the behavior of your targeted audiences. It is paramount to understand your existing and potential clients, customers and subscribers so that you can deliver better. But these are just the tip of the iceberg of its features. Text Deliver 2.0 is a complete and full-featured product that takes care of your marketing in one place.

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Product Features

  • Managing Your Contacts – You can have unlimited contact lists of your subscribers, clients, customers and targeted audiences.
  • Segregation – You can segregate the contacts into different categories so that you can send different SMS to them accordingly. It helps in serving better by sending personalized and compelling messages to various contact lists according to their behavior and liking.
  • Subscribers-Friendliness – Potential clients and followers, can send shortcode to subscribe or unsubscribe or even for getting help. It makes the process easy and fast and most importantly, it is very easy to use and intuitive. You can also create keyword shortcodes for your subscribers to get access to different information just by messaging those keywords to a particular number and get an auto response.
  • As a matter of fact, it is also user-friendly as one can broadcast messages to one or multiple lists with a single click. You can also send automated messages by setting the period beforehand.
  • Avoiding Odd-Hours – Text Deliver 2.0 can detect the time zone of the subscribers and hence, it avoids sending messages at night especially when the customers would be sleeping. It strictly does not send messages between 9 pm, and 8 am which save the annoying part effectively. Therefore, it is entirely safe and does not get banned by the mobile operators.
  • Managing Conversation – It is very likely that most of the potential customers would text you back to inquire more about your product and service. You would imagine that it would become increasingly difficult for you to handle so many conversations and it would ultimately become a mess. But Text Deliver 2.0 helps you to manage all conversations with ease from your admin area just like your email inbox.
  • Integration – You can integrate Text Deliver 2.0 with most of the popular text-message delivery services like CallRail, CallFire, Twilio, Wiggio, Plivo, and so on. As a matter of fact, you can also integrate it with email marketing tools like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, ActiveCampaign, and likewise.

In-Depth Analysis

  • Analytics – For a marketing strategy to be successful, analytics are imperative as they reveal those insights that generally do not meet the eyes. With Text Deliver 2.0, you can get performance data from all your campaigns like who are opening your messages, who are deleting your messages before opening them, how much percentage of your messages are being read, and likewise. You can understand very well what your subscribers are looking for and you can segregate them and deliver interesting messages that they are likely to read. You can also try out different campaigns and compare the result to find out which one is working better.
  • Management – Managing the subscribers cannot get any easier. You can have one on one conversation just like you do through email from the email inbox. One can keep in contact with your heavyweight clients and customers. You would be able to give more attention to new clients and would-be customers. You can create customized keywords and shortcodes for the ease of your subscribers to get any items with an automatic response. For example, you can assign a product to a shortcode and a person can SMS to you with that shortcodes and Text Deliver 2.0 will deliver automatic messages about the product to the sender of the message.
  • Promotional Offers – In today’s world, if you are not offering something special, you are never going to get new subscribers and clients. Therefore, you can set up a setting where every new subscriber would get a coupon code or other such add-ons as a token of appreciation. It can be automated, and you can attach a personal message to make it look good.
  • Support – The support system of Text Deliver is simply awesome. There are so many training videos that would help you use Text Deliver 2.0 better to reach out to more people and get more conversion. Various insider tips will help you score over others as a pro. Besides that, there is a knowledge database where you can search your query and get a faster resolution of your problem. Furthermore, they have dedicated teams available all the time to help you out personally.
  • Pricing – The product is launching on 2nd May, and it is offering a huge discount for the first week. Therefore, it is an ideal time to purchase it. It will cost $37 per month and $197 per year. It is no brainer than you should go for it for a year because it is cost effective. But it would be better if you opt for it for a month and try it out before going for a yearly subscription. There are additional items available for purchase like template pack. The monthly and annual cost is likely to go up significantly once the honeymoon period of its launch is over as it is a highly demanding product in the market.

Apart from all these, there is also an affiliation program available with a hefty commission.


There are many positives, and hence, it has become very popular in the last few years.

  • Unlimited Features – It offers unlimited contact creation, list building and manual and automated campaign setup. You do not have to pay extra for these unlike most of its competitors.
  • Capturing Phone Numbers – You can obtain the phone number from websites, emails, and another text-message delivery platform seamlessly. You can also embed code in any third party template creator for better designing and create visual triggers.
  • Automated Campaign – This feature is not present in most of its competitors’ products. You can create unlimited automated campaigns and auto responding messages when pinged back with certain shortcodes and keywords.
  • Better Management – You can send unlimited SMS to your different contact lists and categories with a single-click. One can also management every conversation without creating a mess, and the user interface is clean and intuitive. You can create multiple campaigns in a matter of few minutes. The user interface is available on all devices, and one can manage everything on the go.
  • Marketing Insights – You can never get such in-depth marketing analysis from its analytics with any SMS marketing platform, and these insights will help you create better campaigns with greater conversion rate and better response from the targeted audiences.
  • Bonus – There is literally no dearth of useful bonus like reports and tutorials about how people have used Text Deliver and have been super successful, the anatomy of a perfect promotional SMS as well as editable posters to make it appealing visually.

It has too many features on its dashboard which are a boon for most of the users but initially, it would need some time for beginners to understand everything and take a grip for best marketing ever. Therefore, give it one month’s time to realize its full potential before jumping into conclusions.

If you wait for a few more weeks or months, the prices are likely to go up significantly, and you may be on the losing side.


Text Deliver 2.0 is definitely the best SMS marketing platform that you need to try out to see how it works for you. It is sure to click, and you should get used to SMS marketing because that is where the real money is. It could be a total game-changer for your business.

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