Walter Bailey’s The Great Brain Secret Review

The Great Brain Secret ReviewDementia wreaks mayhem in the lives of its Victims as well as their relatives and friends. Diminished learning and cognitive abilities plus increased tendency to forget important things easily are usually the first signs of the condition. Hence anything that can help slow down or reverse the condition can be a great life saver. That is exactly what ‘The Great Brain Secret‘ by Walter Bailey claims to do.

It is a fact that one of the best ways to keep your brain in great shape is to use it regularly. The program gives you simple tricks and tips to enhance your cognitive abilities as well as a step by step guide on how to use them. The comprehensive and easy to follow manual contains everything anyone suffering from the condition needs to boost their brain health and protect themselves from cognitive lapses for decades to come.

In addition to that, the program is backed by a list of things that you need to avoid if you want to protect your cognitive health and save your memory. The Great Brain Secret program will not only teach you about Bertie’s 24 most effective and powerful brain training exercises and techniques for enhancing mental acuity, you will also learn about techniques to improve overall brain function as well as how to prevent further memory loss from the comfort of your living room. The program will open your mind and teach you how everything that you do every day in your life begins in your brain and how you can easily change what is on your mind.

Lastly, even though The Great Brain Secret program is mainly designed for people who are suffering from conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s diseases; it can also be used by anyone who wants to enhance their brains’ functional abilities.

The Great Brain Secret PDF Details

As mentioned earlier, The Great Brain Secret program contains methods and techniques that anyone can use to considerably improve their brain function in a very short period. It provides a number of brain training techniques and exercises plus step by step instructions that you can use to improve your memory naturally. It only needs a few minutes every day for a few weeks and you can do it from anywhere even in your office.

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Another outstanding thing about the program is that as a user you won’t have to figure out anything or plan anything. The 24 brain training techniques are tailor made for the average user and anyone can easily follow them. All a user has to do is spare a few minutes every day and follow the instructions keenly. You should notice significant improvements in your cognitive abilities within a few weeks if done correctly.

Other products included in the The Great Brain Secret program include:

1. Memory Killing Medicines:

The program gives a comprehensive list of medicines that have been proven scientifically to interfere with the normal cognitive abilities. The drugs usually cause the body to accumulate toxins that result in dementia like signs. According to the author, they are the main causes of declining brain function in most people. However, the most scaring fact about this is that most of the drugs mentioned are over the counter drugs and are commonly used by people without knowing how detrimental they are to their health. When you are still young you will rarely notice the effects of the drugs on your brain, because your liver is still functioning optimally and is able to eliminate the toxins. But as you age, the efficacy of the liver tends to decline hence allowing the toxins to accumulate. This ends up causing dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. But the program gives you the safest alternatives for these drugs which are very effective.

2. Meditation Mastery Guide:

Research has shown that meditation tends to halt progress of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Individuals who meditate regularly tend to have control over stress and are less vulnerable to dementia. The program outlines 15 scientifically proven methods for reducing stress effectively. This halts the production of a stress enhancing hormone known as cortisol which increases dementia risks.

3. Brain Damaging Dangers:

The program gives details of 17 habits and 21 commonly used foods that are harmful to your cognitive health. Bailey claims that you can significantly reduce your chances of cognitive decline by avoiding them.

4. The Mind Control Bible:

Methods that can help you change other people’s minds and influence their decisions and behaviors are also mentioned in the eBook. You will learn how to defend yourself from manipulation by other people by using the same techniques too.


  • The Great Brain Secret does not simply give you vague instructions of what you should do, it guides you on what exactly you should do, when to do it, how to do and why you should do it. It is very comprehensive.
  • It includes a day to day protocol that anyone can follow and easily understand. The protocol comes with a comprehensive instructions guide plus work sheets which enable you to know what you need to do and how to do it to ensure maximum results.
  • It is based on real life examples. It does not just depend on classroom lectures or textbooks. It relies entirely on top secret studies which were conducted in 1937.
  • The Great Brain Secret comes with a 60 day money back guarantee policy. So if the program does help you in any way to enhance your cognitive abilities you can request the author for a refund.


  • It requires users to adopt new habits and follow brain exercises on a daily basis. Some people may find this a bit tricky in the beginning especially if they have other things to do. However if you persist you will soon become entrenched and it will be easy.
  • It is available only online.
  • Even though the The Great Brain Secret book recognizes the fact that nutrition is essential to keep the brain active, It ignores the dietary factors. It only concentrates on brain tricks and exercises.

Generally, the e-book can be very handy for anyone who is serious about changing their cognitive problems naturally. It includes scientifically proven brain training methods that are backed by various peer reviewed journals which have assisted over 30,000 Americans turn their lives around positively. All the recommended methods are easy to follow and the protocol includes a comprehensive education guide which will allow you to get maximum results. All you need to do once you buy the e-book is follow the protocol every day. At an affordable price tag of only $27 for such an invaluable guide, you will lose nothing by trying the Great Brain Secret. After all there is a 60 day window period within which you can get a full refund if it does not work for you.

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I would like to purchase Walter Bailey’s Brain Secret, but I don’t own a computer. Is it available in hardback or paperback?

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i want my order that is overdue i placed the order 3 weeks ago and it hasnt arrived if you dont give me my order i will take further action this is bad buisness phone to let me know where the hell my order of the great brain secrets main package which i paid $27 for on the 27th september 2016

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Reply Ocarol says March 28, 2018

Dear Mr.Sir,
Good day, I’ve read and watched your testimonies on this book, The great brain secret, I wanted to know the secret of it, not that i have dementia or whatever but times i caught myself forgetting something. I’m 50 years old and a religious sister. I’m so interested about this secret but i don’t have the money to buy the book. What should i do or can you just give what are those secrets if not all at least i can do some to boast my memory. Thanks and God bless.

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