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The Lost Ways ReviewThe second version of The lost ways is out. Check out the review here.

Are you worried about your future? Are you worried by the many disasters that you face in your everyday life? Worry no more. The Lost Ways comes in to solve your woes. This program was created by Davis Claude and its major role is to prepare and teach you how to handle worst-case scenarios using the least independence. This program will therefore motivate you to protect your family and friends during the worst period without the help of the modern technology.

Remember, calamities are everywhere: at work, home, school and many other places. These calamities cause tension and leads to a decrease in productivity. This may finally lead to a reduction in life. Fortunately, the lost ways review will provide solutions to these situations. It will give you the tips for preparing yourself when nothing seems to go as expected.

Generally, most people are optimistic. This makes them unprepared for failure. However, the best thing is to prepare for worst times. It is important to tell your kids about earthquakes, fire outbreaks, extreme weather conditions and other calamities. Tell them how to deal with these calamities in case they occur.

The Lost Ways PDF Overview

The lost ways is a comprehensive book that teaches you a variety of ways that our forefathers used to deal with different situations. The program teaches you survival mechanisms that does not require money. The fact is that the modern survival equipment is unreliable and ineffective. In fact with the techniques in this book, you can survive solely in a catastrophe that kills everybody.

When it comes to food, this guide stands out. Have you ever prepared food without using the shop ingredients? I bet no. this guide will teach you how to make a delicious and nutritious meal using the basic ingredients that are not sold in commercial stores. Moreover, the guide teaches survival mechanism in the absence of the modern antibiotics. Other people will definitely turn to you during this time.

It also teaches you how to preserve water for several months at a no cost. Remember, our forefathers who were sailors used to preserve clean water in ships for future use. You can also employ this technique in your family and believe it or not, you will be rewarded handsomely.

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to live without depending on cars, supermarkets, refrigerators and many more. Living a simple life is rewarding and beneficial that living the modern sophisticated life. In fact, you will always stay calm when others are on their toes looking for survival mechanisms: which may not be available.

The Lost Ways program highlights how the Native Americans built a nice camouflaged shelter that can be used as a perfect hideout during harsh times.

Finally, the Lost Ways gives you a detailed step by step approach to building your rotation system. It also states that each survivalist needs to grow in their own Backyard.

It is important to note that the details in “The Lost Ways” are not limited to the ones highlighted in this article. There are many more than you may need. Think of any survival mechanism that our forefathers used. You will find everything in the program.


  • It is a comprehensive guide but yet simple to read and understand. The author has arranged the tips in this book in a way that is not complicated at all. In fact, even the laziest person will find this program interesting and will not get off the seat before turning over the last page.
  • It is an affordable book. A research conducted revealed that this program does best in terms of price compared to other survival programs that are available in the market.
  • The Lost Ways program covers a variety of topics. Such areas include; electricity, shelter, water, appliances, food and many others. This means that it will shape you to be an all-round person.
  • 100% money back guarantee. It goes without saying that you would love to invest in something that lives up to its promises. Therefore, if you feel that “The Lost Ways” is not the right product for you, you can seek your money back.
  • The program can help you to achieve a healthy life. This is because it teaches the techniques of cooking a delicious meal that does not require the efforts of artificially made ingredients.
  • It is a cheaper way of enjoying life. Remember, this program does not believe in money. You will learn how to eliminate expensive material things like cars and supermarkets. As a result, you will change your spending habits eliminating the stress of money.


  • The Lost Ways guide does not produce immediate results. You must take the actions explained in this book repeatedly. You must apply the tips in these book whenever something happens to see how best it works. Without action these tricks will be useless. This means that if you are lazy, these tips may not help you.
  • Some people say that the Lost Ways is a scam and does not work completely. As a result, people tend to develop a bad attitude towards the book which reduces the morale of reading it and capturing the most important techniques.

Being prepared always is a perfect move towards living an enjoyable life. You need to prepare for both success and failure simultaneously. Being alert could save the lifestyle of your friends, relatively and more importantly your valuable life. Bad things that are anticipated to occur needs to be prepared for perfectly because they are inescapable, such as, global warming.

So if you are looking for a perfect guide that will explain to you how to outlive catastrophes of all kinds, then never overlook “The Lost Ways”. It is the best program for you. Is this book a scam? No. the truth is that this program is 100% genuine and results are guaranteed. It has been tested in many countries and many customers have given positive reviews about it. What are you waiting for then? Get your copy today and see your dreams turning into realities. Moreover, there is a 100% money back guarantee. You have no chance to lose. Your investment is save and productive.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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Jonas says August 25, 2016

I am on the lookout for a survival program because unfortunately I have no idea what to do if something bad happens. Considering the world conflicts right now, anything could potentially happen and it’s always better to be prepared than sorry. I am hoping this program can lay the foundation for this.

    ContinuumBooks Staff says August 25, 2016

    This is a good program so yes, it will help you!

Victor says August 26, 2016

My parents didn’t know anything about survival so they didn’t have something to pass on to me in this regard. But I want to be able to pass on something to my son and to also be in a position where I know what to do and not depend on others for my family’s survival. No one wants something like a war to happen but we all know this is a possibility.

Alexia says August 27, 2016

I’m a single mother with 3 small children and if God forbid, something like an epidemic or a war ever happened, what would I do? How would I be able to feed my children? Would we be able to survive more than a few weeks or even days? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Seeing so many killings all around us is not very reassuring so I need to learn about survival techniques. Is this course suitable for women?

    ContinuumBooks Staff says August 31, 2016

    Yes, this product looks perfect for you as it’s legit and full of survival tactics.

Diane V. says August 28, 2016

My father taught me about how to survive in the wild but there’s always more to learn when it comes to something of such importance. Most people don’t realize how badly we all need to know things like these. Our lives will depend on what we know. Someday so many of us will be sorry we didn’t take the time to learn this. Will probably get this program as I’m always on the lookout for new ways to learn. Thanks!

O. P. says August 29, 2016

I have no real experience in this area. I always had problems making a fire or just doing anything relating to my survival. This comes very difficult to me because no one was there to guide me and I’m not the DIY kind of guy. Can this program work for someone like me?

    ContinuumBooks Staff says August 31, 2016

    Yes, definitely!

MIchael Nehl says August 30, 2017

I wouldn’t trust this book for anything! Look at the passage about “Lettuce Opium”. The first photo shown is an image of Common Mullein, not a Lactuca species. It is a “medicinal” plant but is in an entirely different Family of plants and was utilized for different purposes… Mike

Rose says September 1, 2017

I ordered The Lost Ways book. It should have had 350 pages but my book only had 304 pages. The pictures were in black and white and not in color as indicated on advertisement. The pictures were very hard to see and could not determine what the plants and other things were supposed to actually look like. I am waiting for a response from the publisher. Hopefully this gets corrected otherwise I will be asking for a refund. I also ordered the bonus book in hard cover. The came as a down load. If there is an EMP how am I supposed to reference anything without a computer.

Rose says September 1, 2017

I paid too much going through the website The Lost Ways. Same deal at Amazon for way less money. I paid $49 for the deal and Amazon has it for $20. Same book with same bonus books. Go figure.

Louis says October 23, 2017

The Lost Ways
Page 87
Ph7.0 – 13.0 Alkaline
6.5 – neutral
5.0 – 1.0 Acidic
Been 1.0 very acidic

This informattion should be corrected.

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