The Renew System Review

Renew System ReviewThe Renew System is a book that has the potential to change your life. It is intended for those who suffer from acidic blood syndrome, which can be caused by the high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the modern atmosphere that are inhaled and then injected into the bloodstream.

The main idea behind the product is to provide a set of tips (often referred to as a protocol) to reduce the amount of CO2 in a person’s home and other aspects of their life. It promises to help reduce the amount of CO2 in people’s bloodstream as well as to provide relief from the frustrating symptoms of acid blood syndrome, which include difficulty breathing, rapid pulse rate, headache, hearing loss, hyperventilation, sweating, and fatigue.

In addition to the above symptoms, exposure to high levels of CO2 can manifest itself as chronic fatigue, lethargy, migraines, inexplicable weight gains, irritability, exhaustion, and sleep trouble. The Renew System, through its thoroughly researched and tested protocol, aims to relieve these symptoms in order to help people maximize their potential by taking advantage of newfound energy.

The Renew System Details

The actual product being purchased is a book that outlines a protocol that, if followed exactly, will help reduce the amount of CO2 in a person’s blood system. In the process of getting rid of excess CO2 in the blood system, users of this protocol will notice an increase in energy, relief from chronic headaches, a more relaxed demeanor (instead of constant irritability), and improved sleeping.

It is for those who have suffered from the symptoms laid out above but who have tried a variety of solutions with no relief. Typical Internet searches for relief from the above-listed symptoms refer those suffering to change their diets, which, if high CO2 levels are the root of the problem, will not resolve the symptoms, though a change in diet may provide temporary relief.

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The founder of the Renew System prides himself on having developed it in order help his wife who suffered from acid blood syndrome. After extensive troubleshooting—from trying a wide breadth of diets, weight-loss pills, and numerous pharmaceutical medications and treatments, all of which were extremely expensive—he happened to come across the budding concept of high CO2 levels as the cause of his wife’s problems.

He learned that as a species, humans evolved to be used to CO2 levels of 300 parts per million (ppm). However, our modern culture’s CO2 levels are in fact much higher, due to our reliance on greenhouse emissions. The average outdoor levels are about 400 ppm, while the average workplace has between 600 and 800 ppm. Some indoor spaces go as high as 1,500 ppm, which is extremely dangerous.

The Renew System is a thoroughly researched and vetted protocol that seeks to reduce exposure to high CO2 levels to help alleviate frustrating and chronic symptoms in order to help people become more energized, healthier, and, overall, happier.


The Renew System has many advantages, the first of which is its price. Initially, it is offered at $79.99, which can sound steep, especially for a product that sounds a little out there. However, for those who suffer from fatigue, lethargy, migraines, weight gain, irritability, exhaustion, and sleep troubles and who have tried a host of other alternatives, namely costly prescribed pharmaceutical medications, this price seems fair, as long as it works—which it does, for those whose causes of their symptoms is exposure to high CO2 levels.

However, the founder and developer’s main goal with this product is to provide as much relief to those in pain as fast as possible. He is also aware that even this modest price might be too much to bear for disadvantaged people, which is why he offers it for $39.99 in certain scenarios as well as why he urges people who have purchased the Renew System to share it for free with others.

Another key advantage to this system is that it can provide relief for nearly everyone. You don’t have to be suffering from acid blood syndrome or acidosis (increased acidity in the blood and other body tissue, caused by high levels of CO2 in the blood stream that increases blood’s pH levels) for this system to work for you. By simply reducing your CO2 exposure, you will notice an increase in energy and concentration, which can result in better decision-making skills and increase productivity.

This system can also help people reduce in weight. This is because high levels of CO2 have been linked to causing hunger and making people heavier, due to CO2’s effects on the hormone orexins, which affects wakefulness, energy expenditure, and hunger stimulation.

Last, some of the tips provided in the Renew System can take just 10 seconds to enforce, and the results can be noticed within just 20 minutes.


The Renew System is not a cure-all solution for such problems. Advanced cases of acidic blood syndrome should consult with a qualified physician. Also, for those whose symptoms are not alleviated by the system, there may be a more serious, legitimate underlying issue at work, in which case a qualified physician also be consulted.

Another disadvantage is that its presentation comes off to viewers as similar to infomericials, which can turn some people away automatically. If you suffer from the symptoms laid out above, it is suggested to not be turned off by the presentation and to instead give the Renew System a shot.


For those who suffer from fatigue, lethargy, migraines, inexplicable weight gains, irritability, exhaustion, and sleep troubles and who feel as though they have exhausted nearly every other option, the Renew System could be the solution to relieve your pain.

It works to combat the rising CO2 levels, which are much worse indoors, especially in the workplace and at-home bedrooms, sometimes reaching levels as high as 1,500 ppm. In fact, in the average workplace, greenhouse gas levels are high enough to affect roughly 80 percent of workers. This is especially hazardous for our society, given the fact that on average people spend only 5 percent of their time outdoors, where the air is fresher.

The Renew System is a protocol that provides a concrete set of tips to help make people more energized, healthier (through helping reduce weight without having to change diets), and overall happier.

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