Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators Review

Thought Elevators ReviewThe Thought Elevators has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and it is typically a program that is designed to help an individual reset their brain so they can live a happier and more successful life. If you have heard about the Thought Elevators and you are looking forward to knowing more about it, then this is the right place to source the information you require.

This program comes in a complete package that contains the main manual along with five valuable bonuses on building business mindset, loving yourself, improving your sleep, finding a soul mate, and manifesting health. In this review, we will look in depth at what is contained in the product and how it can change your life.

What is the Thought Elevators?

This is a program created by a business consulting company owner, Eric Taller. The program is a complete and very comprehensive system that is a collection of nine very powerful videos and audios that help one to reset their brain to begin living more successfully.

Eric claims that the way we think and act today is a product of our childhood life. This preprogrammed thinking and behavior will then determine our failures and successes when we become adults. Therefore, it you had a traumatic childhood, then you will most likely attract failures and the vice versa.

Nonetheless, this state of mind is not permanent. Taller said that based on a number of researches, we can still mold our brains to whatever we want through techniques such as meditation. The problem with these techniques is that it consumes a lot of time but it will finally help you achieve the following:

  • The Thought Elevators program helps set your innate talents free, so you can your business or career to new heights.
  • It helps relieve stress effectively, therefore you remain focused and calm in whatever situation.
  • It clears your mind up off the things that prevent you from absorbing information quickly and learning especially during studies.
  • Thought Elevators program improves the condition of your mind and improves your feeding habits for weight loss.
  • It helps you retain a lot of energy on a daily basis.
  • It prevents you from falling ill and in case of ill health; you are in a position to recover quickly.
  • With the help of this program, you learn how to communicate effectively and build healthier relations with family and friends.
  • It helps you change the way you view money.
  • It assists many individuals break the vicious cycle of getting heartbroken all the time hence you finally meet the love of your life.

How the program works?

The instructions and guidelines inside Thought Elevators program will help you change your attitude towards money and life in general and this leads to a successful business or career. You also discover some very useful guidelines on how to change your dialogue with colleagues, friends and family members so they will appreciate you more. In addition, you will also realize how to get out of heartbreaks and find a true soul mate. You can also achieve your dreams and success with the help of the following four steps which when achieved you feel tons of loose baggage lifted and your energy is rejuvenated with increased stamina. These Steps include:

  • Clear your Mind: The very first step is to clear your mind off all the stress and worries. Taller shared some guidelines on how to reduce stress, depression, and worries off your mind so that your brain allows in only the positive thoughts.
  • Priming the positivity pump: The positivity pump technique makes your brain to think positively. After employing this technique, the people around you begin to notice some change in your personality but these changes come gradually.
  • Day dreaming visualization technique: In this technique, Taller provides you with guidelines on how to visualize new ideas and how you can achieve your goals. After you are done with this step, you will find it very easy to accomplish all your goals.
  • The Elevation of Theta State: – In this particular step, you will get techniques about how you can relax your deeper mind until it reaches the Theta state. Once your mind gets to the theta state, you are able to become wealthier, healthier, and more successful.
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The Pros:

1. Can Fit Into Busy Schedules

To benefit from Thought Elevators program, you must watch the short videos, turn on some background music and you are done. By so doing, you attain the Theta state of brain waves, where most positive reprogramming readily occurs. In Theta state, the activity of the brain slows down, almost to the point of sleeping. The fact that you do not have to spend hours meditating makes this program fits into just about anyone’s busy schedule.

2. Works for Different Aspects

This program was designed to work on many aspects of life, not just attracting wealth. For example, it helps build better relationships, better careers and businesses, as well as improved health and finances.

3. Easy To Follow:

The Thought Elevators course contains a few simple but powerful ideas, which is such a good thing. It is very easy to get confused when flooded with too much information, which is not the case in this program.

4. An excellent way to eliminate stress:

Stress not only affects your mind but your body in general. When stressed, your immune system gets weaker, your lifespan is lowered, your heart grows weaker, and it can cause humpbacks too. This is because when stressed, the body is in a tense state; therefore, you tend to lower your head. These are signs that your body is preparing to enter the “fight response”.

5. Sixty days money back guarantee:

In case you realize that the ‘Thought Elevators’ Program does not work for you, do not see the expected results you can ask for your money back, so you do not have anything to lose. This is saying something on how confident Taller is about his system

The Cons:

1. It takes time to achieve desired results

You have to keep an open mind and a lot of dedication when using this program. You must practice the techniques as explained in the course and understand that you may not get the results you want immediately. This means that you should stick to the program patiently and realize that it will probably take some time to see results.

2. No hard copy

Thought Elevators program is only available in PDF format, audio, and video for now and you can download everything once you make a payment.

Final Verdict

Like any other personal development program, Eric Taller’s ‘Thought Elevators’ course has its pros and drawbacks, and certainly, it is not a magic bullet to reprogram the brain over the night. The program requires some dedication, work, and practice. Most probably, you will not get the desired results after a few days.

Personally, I like the fact that following the techniques offered in the program keenly and persistently does not take a lot of time and for that reason, this program easily fit into most schedules, even the busiest ones. I would recommend anyone who is trying to find a simple to follow program that can help them reshape their mind and live a happier and more successful life, to try Thought Elevators program. After all, if you will not be happy with its results and feel that it did not help you at all, you can always request a full refund within sixty days.

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