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Would you like to rid yourself of tinnitus without medications, ear flushing, hearing aids or surgery? If yes, then Tinnitus Terminator is the hidden answer to eliminating that annoying ringing in your ears.

What exactly is Tinnitus Terminator? It is a program that utilizes a combination of therapy recordings with cognitive-behavioral instructions for purposes of eliminating tinnitus completely, and in as little as one month. Designed by Timothy Seaton, a sound technician, and a former tinnitus sufferer, Tinnitus Terminator offers a natural solution to this hearing problem unlike dozens of other tinnitus solutions on the market these days, the majority of which entail the use of over-the-counter medications. Instead, the program focuses entirely on reprogramming the brain with specific sound patterns, all of which are designed to help you achieve permanent results.

Tinnitus Terminator PDF Details

According to the creator of Tinnitus Terminator, Timothy Seaton, tinnitus mainly occurs as a result of uncoordinated interaction between brain signals. This normally starts once your inner ear hair cells get damaged. That is why in his program; Timothy seeks to explain how tinnitus sufferers can use modified sound programs for purposes of reprogramming their brain in order to stop the persistent ringing in their ears that is brought about by this hearing disorder.

How Does It Work?

To get the most of this program, Timothy notes that tinnitus sufferers will be required to listen carefully to certain sound recordings for about 15 minutes, at least twice a week. Moreover, patients will be required to fill out some weekly reports for them to know their progress.

The program also details brief hearing exercises that are designed to improve brain functioning via auditory speed, memory, and sound. The program’s audio tracks feature neural stimuli, designed to help patients relax during treatments with the program. You can use these audio tracks even when you are sleeping.

The best part of Tinnitus Terminator is that it works for everyone irrespective of how long they have struggled with Tinnitus, their age or how severe their condition is. Here is what you will get upon purchasing this program.

  • A self-evaluation questionnaire- the questionnaire is designed to help you evaluate your progress. Simply by filling this questionnaire, you can easily establish the extent of tinnitus you are suffering from, and then get recordings depending on your specific needs.
  • Sound therapy recordings- the program comes with a detailed list of customized sound therapy recordings. The sound therapy recordings are carefully organized according to the specific areas of the brain that these recordings target.
  • ‘kickstart Program’ – the program features weekly forms that you need to fill out for purposes of reporting your progress. The program further utilizes graphs as well as listening sessions.
  • FAQ section- according to the creator of this program, one of the important steps to eliminating tinnitus is simply by learning more about this hearing disorder. As such, he has included a FAQ section in his program purposely to help you learn everything that is there to learn about tinnitus, ranging from its underlying causes to how this condition affects your hearing.
  • Bonus tips- Timothy also includes some useful tips and valuable information on how to protect yourself together with your loved ones against this hearing problem.


Tinnitus Terminator has several advantages over other tinnitus solutions that are widely used out there. Below are a number of them.

1. Offers a natural and safe treatment for tinnitus

Majority of treatments for tinnitus that are widely used by tinnitus sufferers today are prescription medications such as corticosteroids, sprays and antibiotics, although surgery can be recommended in extreme cases. But the fact that tinnitus isn’t caused by inflammation or infection, but instead as a result of changes in hearing and exposure to loud noises, means that these prescribed medications aren’t always effective when it comes to eliminating tinnitus. Worse still, harmful side effects can be experienced as a result of prolonged use of such medications. But for Tinnitus Terminator, no surgery or medications are needed when following this program. You just need to listen carefully to sound recordings and follow the directions as given by Timothy.

2. Backed by scientific evidence

When you visit Tinnitus Terminator’s official website, you will find a couple of studies mentioned by Timothy as scientific evidence of his program. This means that unlike lots of similar products out there, Tinnitus Terminator boasts unmatched scientific validity. In other words, Tinnitus Terminator isn’t based on Timothy’s opinion.

3. Suitable for everyone

Anyone suffering from tinnitus can take advantage of the fact that, this program doesn’t entail the use of any medical procedures or medications. The program uses sound therapy and it is also non-invasive, meaning that anyone can use it irrespective of their age.

4. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

This program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee policy, which allows users to try it risk-free. That means that you are free to ask for a refund if at all you won’t have noticed any improvements within the first 60 days of using it.


Here are some of the program’s drawbacks:

1. The results vary from patient to patient

The severity of tinnitus largely determines the results one will get when treating this hearing condition using. While the program normally works well for patients with mild tinnitus, it may however not be of much help for patients with severe tinnitus, and thus medications or surgery may be required in such cases.

2. It is strictly a digital product

Tinnitus Terminator is strictly available in digital version only. It therefore means that Timothy’s program isn’t suitable for patients who prefer to read things in hard-copy. Again, you can’t access this program without an internet connection.


Like with other treatment options for tinnitus, Tinnitus Terminator also has its fair share of pros and cons and hence it is definitely not the ideal solution for every tinnitus sufferer out there. However, this program still remains the best option for anyone seeking a natural solution to their tinnitus problem. The fact that there are no medications and medical procedures that are supposed to be used with this program means that, there aren’t any safety concerns to worry about while using it.

Besides, the 60-day money-back guarantee policy allows you to try Timothy Seaton’s Tinnitus Terminator program risk free. This is definitely something you will not find with other similar products out there. Overall, Tinnitus Terminator is highly recommended for anyone who is currently struggling with tinnitus and wants to rid themselves of that annoying ringing in their ears.



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Lynette says November 7, 2016

This is working for me and I will recommend it to my brother in law with tinnitus, two of my cousins with Meniere’s disease and my daughter with chronic tinnitus and hearing loss. I’m on day 6 and thank Heaven for this program. There really is no risk, the cost for this is minimal especially if you have been to ENT’s, specialists, gone through surgery or paid the price for prescriptions. If it doesn’t work for you you get your money back! I am hearing so many positive things that it is sad that someone like the person posting this can be so negative in a world where people are getting rid of the terrible sound in their ears and head and regaining hearing!

    Bambola says January 18, 2017

    Since your last post Lynette has it cured your tinnitus ?

    Yvonne says May 30, 2017

    After the initial payment do they require any other payments?

gary says May 31, 2017

THIS Tinnitus Terminator DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TOTAL SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica Driscoll says April 26, 2018

I ordered the tennitus terminator about 2 year ago I would like to download again My phone broke and I can’t find it This sound program worked for me

    Laura Young says May 17, 2018

    I bought and paid for this program and now it doesnt show up on my phone. Does anyone know how to reenable wihout purchasing again?

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