Todd Lamb’s First Strike Combatives Program Review

First Strike Combatives Program ReviewThe First Strike Combatives program by Ari and Todd Lamb is a specially designed self-defense program which teaches individuals to uncover natural fight techniques that can devastate the opponent. The program doesn’t require the viewer to have any marital arts education and claims that a few hours of training is all that is needed to awaken the ones’ organic instincts.

First Strike Combatives Program Overview

The FSC program claims to be a combination of Special Force and martial arts combat techniques that have been designed to meet the demands of security work and personal protection and security work. The program promises a ‘devastating’ fight ending strike, special force locks and breaks, attack strategies against armed assailants, mind tricks to disrupt the thoughts of the assailant and so much more. The program also heightens curiosity by claiming to teach tactic that will definitely keep you alive even when confronted by a mass shooter.

The program comes with 2 manuals: Command Presence and Advanced Situational Awareness along with 2 other bonuses. The CP manual is a guide to master silent domination, while ASA manual is guide to scanning, observation and monitoring techniques, both to keep yourself and your loves ones safe.

Product Details

The First Strike Combatives program is a 17 combative steps combat program that each takes 3 minutes of training for any brutal encounter is delivered in 3 moments or less in video format.
The program consists of teaching the viewer Alpha Nation’s which are a combination of deadly combat moves after the move which is supposedly going to end the fight even before it begins. The techniques taught in the videos include:

  • Assault strategies to protect oneself from edged tools and to disarm the opponent.
  • 7 Special force techniques that make the opponents combat ineffective.
  • Unusual and effective techniques of striking the opponent that leaves then in confusion and lying on the ground.
  • Take down which turns opponents’ objectives against him and can leave him with broken teeth.
  • The special tactic to use when confronted with a mass shooter.
  • Mind tricks to interrupt opponent’s thoughts even before combat.
  • 3 simple techniques to stop the resultant head bash, every time the fight moves to the floor.

The command Presence Manual which comes free with it is filled with tricks that can be used to create an aura of the Alpha dog around yourself and sense of confidence that trained MMA fighters, spies and bodyguards have been trained in. The manual claims to put off potential attackers as the sense of power and confidence surrounding you will scare them away.

Advanced Situational Awareness Manual claims to help read the situation at hand skillfully and objectively by creating a balance between enjoying life and vigilance. Both these books are aimed at somehow ‘stopping’ the violence or combat before it even begins.

The third ‘bonus’, whose name the website doesn’t mention is the Ghost Protocol Manual, which supposedly has tips that are heavily guarded by industry experts as they have signed non-disclosure agreements with the companies that trained them. Lucky for us, Todd has no reservations while revealing them. The manual helps train individuals in the ‘art of being invisible’ right under the nose of their attacker.

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The fourth bonus, which comes along with the First Strike Combatives program, is 30 days of free access to the Alpha nation online coaching which is pretty exclusive. Alpha nation is an extraordinary online community filled with articles and videos on various topics ranging from how to live through a tragedy to how single men can stay in perfect form to so much more.

The product is clearly aimed at individuals who want to experience the ‘power’ of feeling fearless enough to ‘combat’ through any violent situation to save themselves or their loved ones. The website also talks about how the investment of 29$, which is the cost of the entire program is a small investment for the priceless feeling of security.


  • The First Strike Combatives Program is very easy to download and easy to use as well.
  • The moves are designed by Ari and Todd Lamb who have backgrounds in the Special Force and martial arts and hence their training and vast experience when it comes to combat moves makes the credibility is high.
  • It can be viewed in the comfort of your home on your laptop or even when you’re travelling around; it can be viewed on your smart phone.
  • It is pretty cost effective and can help save time and energy.
  • The confidence in the efficiency of the program can be seen with its 100% refund policy if a customer is dissatisfied with the combative moves program within 60 days. The repayment rates are nearly nil which also indicate how effective the program is.
  • The program guarantees that it can help even those who are terrified at fighting and have never thrown a punch in their lives. The combative moves program also promises that those who hate confrontation and violence and don’t feel strong enough to protect themselves will be transformed. This claim seems almost too heavy as those with deep rooted issues when it comes to any form of confrontation cannot change after watching a bunch of combat videos or reading the manuals as the program claims.
  • Also, the ‘thank you notes’ that they have mentioned in their website may not be authentic. Its reliability is definitely in question as it ends with their name and place, which can even be fake.

In general, the high credibility of Todd Lamb seems to be well deserved because of the success of his other work such as e-books with the same subject matter. The 100% refund policy also backs the efficiency of the program along with the almost nil refund rates. The simple three minute videos which introduces the combat techniques in a quick way, enables faster understanding and easier grasping of it. The First Strike Combatives program seems quite confident of making the viewer an expert in the combat moves with all the evidence it provides on how the techniques affect the individual and also his attacker.

What is worth nothing is that the First Strike Combatives program also includes mind tricks along with the physical combat techniques which take this program to the very next level.
The straightforward videos which can be even viewed on a smart phone along with no need of any martial arts training as a pre requisite, makes it very easy to understand and also acquire combat skills.

If you are someone who has deep seated issues with violence and confrontations or has past experiences with negative associations, this combat program may not be what you need to get over it. Also if you’re someone looking for an extremely quick fix without looking to practice these combat moves regularly, this program may not be the best solution for you.
If you’re someone who is looking for a confidence boost when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones by acquiring combat skills with regular practice and commitment to it, this program might just give you exactly what you are looking for.

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