Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset’s Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint ReviewWhat’s so cool about the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

When Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset got together to build a package to redefine shoulder and hip training modalities, they practically started a revolution in the field of fitness. The success and long term benefits of their workshop is now available to practically anyone across the world in a couple of easy steps. An exclusively digital seminar, all you need is an internet connection and you can download the entire video series on your computer, laptop, ipad or ipod and view it at leisure.

Tony Gentilcore is the co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance. His Bachelor’s degree in health education and experience of over a decade in the industry earns him the reputation of being a dedicated strength and conditioning expert. He is a popular writer for T-Nation, Livestrong, Greatist, Men’s Health and Women’s Health. His detailed assessment protocols have worked like a charm for baseball players and athletes to help them recover from common shoulder issues and injuries.

Dean Somerset is an exercise physiologist working through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists. Based in Alberta, Canada, he works as a strength and conditioning specialist and a medical and rehabilitation coordinator through NSCA and World Health Clubs. His work with clients with joint replacements, reconstructive surgeries, cancer patients, professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists makes him an authority on chronic illnesses which affect mobility and fitness on both a professional and personal level. Being in the fitness industry for more than a decade, sure makes his advice worth every penny.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Overview:

This workshop is essentially for fitness trainers who want to upgrade their training techniques to the next level. The shoulder and the hip present as the predominant problem areas for clients in term of extending body function, strength, endurance and resilience. It lets viewers get through these issues through an efficient assessment procedure and also suggests a corrective strategy. This program can be used by trainers to customize different routines for different clients, based on their needs, goals and capacity. With scientifically proven methods, backed by years of experience one can understand the difference between structural, neural, soft tissue, and motor pattern limitations to movement and consequently design a training plan. The lessons from this workshop can be applied to athletes, non-athletes and rehabilitation patients.

This also will help you understand smaller signs that signify where your training is going and if it needs to be modified to get better results. Clients will experience an immediate improvement in their movements and by immediate I mean within a minute or two! This is help trainers in convincing their clients while they avoid meaningless exercises which might not produce any results in a long time. Learn simple tips on how to improve your deadlifts and squats along with your mobility and flexibility. Learn about breathing, thoracic motion and scapular rotations and how it affects shoulder strength and the risk of an injury. This also teaches you how to double the range of hip motions instantly.

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With 11 + hours of video, this video is divided distinctly into the shoulder and hip sections which will take you into the depths of the most worked joints in the entire body. The comprehensive lesson plan is supplemented by videos and handouts which can be referred to repeatedly during training.

Product details:

A special launch price of $137 makes it an affordable investment for serious trainers. These are available all over the world and will be shipped as soon as the payment comes through. All you need is an internet connection to begin. On your purchase, you will be directed to a few simple steps on how to access the video seminar series. Continue to view and download the series as per the easy to follow instructions. You can also print out detailed handouts of each of the presentations. You are now free to access the product at any time and place, at any device. In case of any technical errors or questions, contact Dean and Tony at and respectively. These guys will answer your queries almost immediately.
In case you feel that the product is ineffective, Tony and Dean offer a money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.


  • Weight bearing exercise such as running, walking or weight training lowers your risk of both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis – the adage of “use it or lose it” really does apply to bones.
  • These exercises help you use these muscles without actually stretching those track pants unduly.
  • This will help you reduce stresses in your client’s body which have developed as a result of extreme wear and tear in case of athletes and gym rats and in non- athletes too.
  • Helps in correcting the posture and improve strength, active mobility, and durability with a variety of modalities.
  • The assessment protocol will help trainees identify problem ideas accurately without any guesses, helping them develop a region specific plan for their clients.
  • This adds dozens of new movements and coaching tips to your repertoire, helping you pick and choose differently according to different considerations.
  • Decreases the risk of injuries and deleterious effect of wrong exercise on injured muscles.
  • With results that reflect in a minute or two, the client will buy into your idea faster.
  • You can now do away with tedious inaccurate techniques which leave much of the result to guesswork. Tony and Dean stand by their product a 100% and guarantee a no questions, money back policy to anyone who is not satisfied.
  • Since it’s a purely digital program, an internet connection is mandatory.
  • You gotta deal with Tony’s crazy star wars, Bourne and cat obsession and put up with Tony and Dean haggling like an old couple.
  • You have to make a concentrated effort not to drool at Dean’s awesome beard work!

The Complete hip and shoulder blueprint pretty much is the bible for fitness trainers who aim at effective, long term results. The tips here can be used with a number of different client cases, expanding your base of expertise comfortably. This provides valuable inputs on becoming a better, more focused trainer with in depth knowledge of the two most critical joints in the body. Grab your copy now!

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