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When it comes to weight loss programs for men, there are hundreds if not thousands available in the market currently, with all promising to deal with your weight loss problems effectively. However, very few of these programs live up to their promises, and that is the key reason why you should first gather reviews from reliable sources like us here, or from those who have already used the program in question.

In our case today, we will look at Treadlift weight loss program that has been receiving lots of attention and or good reasons too since it was released. It’s an innovative weight loss program that has introduced new weight loss techniques and consequently set the bar even higher in the otherwise competitive male weight loss industry.

Treadlift System PDF Details

This is among the few weight loss programs that have been created by a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. The program runs for 12 weeks and is particularly designed for everyone looking to trim excessive weight within the shortest time possible. The program comes as a collection of awesome videos and e-books that will give you step by step guidelines that will help you have better eating habits and achieve the body type you have always desired.

Who Developed Treadlift?

Jill Coleman is the author of this amazing program and has helped thousands of men as well as women in losing weight and achieving their dream bodies. Jill is a personal trainer and nutritional specialist with unquestionable experience and qualifications when it comes to helping people lose weight. She has been in the industry for long now and can show you lots of real life results for her work. Her methods and strategies are safe and are based on scientific evidence.

How Does Treadlift Work?

Treadlift ReviewAfter closely studying the male metabolic system, Jill realized that they key things that pose the greatest challenge to men who are trying to lose weight fast. The fundamental concept behind this game changing program is the use of exercises; cardio and weight lifting, to help the body get rid of the unwanted extra fat. This program has a diet database that requires you to enter your age, gender, body type, weight, height, and amount of exercise you engage in frequently so that a diet plan that suits your particular body and activity level is tailor made for you. This program also gives you the opportunity to personalize the meal plan so that it can fit your specific needs. That aside, this amazing program has work out plans to complement the meal plan and supplements to increase weight loss. All the techniques highlighted by Jill in this program are tested and will help you lose weight in less than 12 weeks. Jill segments this plan into three phases.

The 3 Phases of the Treadlift weight loss plan

  • In the first phase, the program targets the activation of fat loss hormones and revving up your metabolism so that your body is able to burn more fats. Treadlift also targets adipocytes, fat cells, so that you can start noticing its effects within three days. This program is so effective and promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds every week.
  • In the second phase, the program emphasizes on the burning of fats instead of sugars to reduce muscular degeneration using work outs that have been shown to be very effective when it comes to burning fats. Treadlift also helps in regulating insulin so that its fat burning effects very visible.
  • Lastly, this program will ensure that the carbohydrates that are included in your diet are used in energy production so that you feel energetic when working out.


  • Treadlift is very effective and is strongly recommended by professional doctors to all those who are looking for a tested solution to their weight loss problems. Without doubt, this program is a great investment.
  • Treadlift is designed to specifically suit your needs. Whether you are young, old, busy, tall or short, this amazing program will come up with a meal plan that will provide your body with all it requires to promote weight loss.
  • This exceptional program does not cause muscle wasting unlike most mediocre programs in the market. It also tracks your progress to motivate you to work even harder to achieve your weight loss goals when you feel like quitting.
  • Both men and women can use Treadlift to achieve the body they have always desired unlike most weight loss plans that are either designed for men or women.


  • This program required the user to have a good internet connection in order to benefit from it. If you live in an area without internet connectivity you might not be able to enjoy all the benefits this program has to offer.
  • Secondly, you require a gym or gym equipment to be able to do some of the work outs effectively. If you lack the necessary equipment you might not be able to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Treadlift is not for those who can’t go hard. If you can’t manage to run or to do some of the workouts in this program it won’t help you in any way.
  • Some people think that 12 weeks is a long time for them to achieve their weight loss goals.
Is Treadlift worth purchasing?

Well, Treadlift is strongly recommended for men who are looking for a quick fix to help them to stay in shape by losing the extra pounds. All you are required by this program to do is to be committed and put in the required effort to get desirable results. This product has been there for a while and has received thousands of rave reviews with regards to its efficacy when it comes to weight loss. Ithas managed to help countless people get over their weight loss problems which means it can help you stay in shape too. Treadlift comes with a risk free 60 day money back guarantee meaning that you have nothing to lose if the program does not meet your expectations. Treadlift is all you require for your weight loss problems and it will help you attain your dream body within a short time. Try it today for an unbelievable body transformation.


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