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Hi there, today I have an interesting review of a very popular dating and attraction guide called “Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler Method” from Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. Yes, I know the name sounds pretty interesting….

However, can this guide actually assist you unlock her legs? Will it make that “hard to get girl” long for your touch? That is the real question. I hope that this review will assist you shed more light on the program.

Just like most men, there was a time a really struggled with my relationships big time ,so this is a topic that I have lot of experience in and a subject I have been trying to improve my knowledge on for several years now.

Creators of the program Rob Judge and Bobby Rio are well-known relationship experts who I have been following online for quite some time now. Due to their popularity, the guide has really become popular and in this article, I will tell you all about it , what it includes, what you get and what you will learn.

Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler Method PDF Details

A great chunk of the information on Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler Method guide revolves around a specific method Bobby and rob created called “The Scrambler.” The main idea here is that most women usually desire what they cannot have. They always want something challenging. For instance, If a lady knows that you are into her or in love with her ,she will be like “Oh okay I guess I will have to look at other choices that I have because this guy is already wrapped around my finger tips!”

I know this does not not ogre well with most men and they wish the world worked a bit differently… but that is the reality around and we cannot run away from it. This is why most women fall in love with “players” who do not fancy sticking with one woman or being tied down. It seems like those guys have some sort of a natural ability to get any type of girl they desire, whenever they want her. It might look like it is always too simple and easy for players who usually get the hot and beautiful girls without putting in much effort or struggling at all. But what this guys really do is keeping the girl at her toes and being a challenge to her, whereas guys who do the contrary are always guessing and chasing the girls with little or no success at all.

Using the Unlock Her Legs, Rob and Bobby show you a psychological mind game that you can use to get the hot girls obsessing over you and chasing after you. That is the basic idea around the Scrambler. It is about getting that hot girl to go after you and not you going after her. This is known as “Chase Reflex” and the scrambler centers on the following simple steps to achieve this scenario:

Uncertainty – This is the first step and it concentrates on knowing how to plant doubts into her mind, which will end up driving her back to you. The step will teach you how to achieve that whether you are already married, in a relationship or even when just chatting with the lady.

Power – This second step teaches a man how to gain power and control in a relationship, and is architected to make the girl want you more and more.

Validation – This third step is designed to teach the man how to make a girl seek validation from him. In essence, this means the man will be taught how to create scenarios that will always make her seek your approval.

Anticipation – This fourth step will teach you how to engage in simple things that will make her get impatient with anticipation of what you are going to do next, which should eventually drive the girl to you quicker.

What will I get when I buy The Scrambler Guide?

Apart from the main manual, you will also get a whole load of additional material. Unlock Her Legs is an ebook and can easily be downloaded from the source website. There are also other additional material including:

  • She is sending you sandals
  • Invisible Escalation
  • The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • Her Erogenous zones
  • The magnetic Effect pattern
  • Twelve chats/conversations to make the hot girl fall in love with you.


  • One of the main advantages of the ebook is that you can use the strategies and techniques on any girl, it doesn’t matter whether you went to school with her back in the days, someone you stuck with in friendship or she is a co-worker.
  • Furthermore as mentioned above, the guide comes with additional material, that can be very helpful in improving both your dating and sex life.
  • The guide comes with a lot of bonus material which may take you quite some time and determination to fully go through everything.
  • Additionally for one to learn how to utilize all the techniques it might take some time, so if you are of those guys who is impatient this may not be the right program for you.

Even though I like Bobby’s products in general, I am super skeptical about this one. After carefully going through this guide, I noticed that there are some very important tips any guy can learn from The Scrambler that will definitely enhance his dating and sex life. The different psychological strategies mentioned in the tutorials like the “zeigarnik effect” are creative and innovative and will definitely assist you to get into a girl’s mind and convince her to do everything you want. This tip when blended with the “Lust System” that is part of the training techniques will assist you to physically seduce a woman and make her fall for you with less hassle.

Bottom line – there are different creative techniques both physical and psychological that if you utilize them well you are bound to get more hot girls than you presume. I would recommend Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler Method program for a guy who is looking forward to get that “hard to get chic”and have sex with her or just wants to gain an upper hand in his relationship.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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UNFORTUNATELY I have bought some Bobby Rio programs.and they ripped me off when I asked for a refund

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