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What Is “Read An Ebook Week” Event All About?

Read An Ebook WeekEbooks are now part of everyone’s life – they are more convenient, easily accessible and can be kept on you at all times, whether you keep them on your smartphone or tablet. Sure, every once in a while, you feel like you want an old fashioned experience and turn the pages of a classic hardcover book. But overall, ebooks seem to become the main option on the market.

This is the main reason behind the Read an Ebook Week – an annual event that brings together authors, publishers and readers. For 2018, the event is scheduled between March 4th and 10th.

What Is the Read an Ebook Week Event?

The Read an Ebook Week event is based on more than just connecting people together. Of course, there is plenty of interaction, but the list goes further than that. Publishers and authors get to introduce their books to the audience, while the audience gains the advantage of various discounts.

In order to sign up as an author or publisher, you would have to provide a discount as well. It can be a small discount or a massive one. In fact, you can give out your ebook for free. There are, indeed, a few rules to follow, but the general idea is fairly simple – new writers get the recognition they deserve and who knows? Maybe they end up with a major leap to become world renowned.

For the audience, it is all about reading more, discovering new books or authors, finding something new to keep entertained and more importantly, saving money.

The Read an Ebook Week event started as a small thing. It has thousands of participants now and it keeps growing from one year to another. 2017 was the most successful year so far, but 2018 is likely to take it over.

How the Read an Ebook Week Event Works

Once the event is over, organizers will start getting ready for the next year. It has always been like this. Why? Simple! Numbers are still fresh in their minds, so planning is a piece of cake. Every event in the world has small flaws and this one makes no exception. Starting early lets organizers fix potential issues and situations before they even arise.

It is always a challenge, but based on the recognition it gets, it also becomes a successful venture. According to most specialists, the event grows so fast that it will soon become an authority.

Apart from organizers, some of the work goes to actual writers and publishers too. They are responsible for introducing themselves to the world. They will have to sign up and submit their work for approval. They decide themselves what kind of discounts they want to offer. If after a discount the price goes under $0.99, the book automatically becomes available for free.

Once they are registered, it is time to start advertising. They can share various banners on their social media profiles, blogs or website. They can also spread the word and make sure their fans and fellow writers join the fun.

When it comes to the audience, they only have to get ready. That is all! Just wait for it and make the most out of it – simple as that!

Where the Read an Ebook Week Event Takes Place

The Read an Ebook Week event takes place in the cyberspace. It makes perfect sense. You do not have to go to a library or a store to get an ebook – you can do it from the comfort of your bed. The same goes for this event – following the same rules, everything takes place over the Internet.

Authors, publishers and fans can participate from the comfort of their homes, the subway or the doctor’s waiting list – no need to travel, pay expensive fees, tickets and time off work.

There are multiple benefits of having it organized in the cyberspace, as well as one disadvantage – measuring its success. It is hard to determine the total amount of the audience. However, organizers know exactly how many authors and publishers decide to share their work. As for the audience, it is all measured in the traffic over the official website, which grows every year.

Every once in a while, participants mention their numbers on their blogs and websites. Some of them contact the organizers to thank them for the event and mention their own traffic numbers.

Organizing the event seems easy, but it gets more and more complicated. There are no doubts about it – it will be big and it will eventually become a regular real life event as well.

How the Read an Ebook Week Event Started

The kindle era began in 2007. That is when the popularity of ebooks started to skyrocket. People received a portable device that could display their favorite books at a glance. One might think the Read an Ebook Week event started as a direct consequence of that – wrong!

Believe it or not, the Read an Ebook Week event was first held in 2004, years before the popular kindle came to life. It was created by Rita Toews, who was only 55 when she came up with the idea. Mother of two, she becomes the most popular name in the ebook industry for a week every year.

Running the event from her bedroom in Canada with a proper assistant – her cat, Rita Toews brings together thousands of people from all over the world. Apart from the official website of the event, her website is literally assaulted by those who want to know more about it, especially when it comes to well held secrets, like retailers, publishers and authors.

Authors and Publishers at the Read an Ebook Week Event

Authors and publishers can sign up for the event over the Internet. They will have to decide on the discount level for their books – ranging between 25% and 100%. The book might be out for free if the final price is under $0.99.

Once signed up, they will have to advertise for the event as well. There are plenty of official images and banners to be used free of charge over any social media channels, blogs and websites. A direct link will be given to each book. Ideally, authors and publishers should advertise those links for more exposure and higher sales.

There is a decent amount of involvement and that is what helps the event grow each year. Furthermore, sponsors tend to release marketing guides for authors and publishers. There are dozens of ideas to help in promotion, as well as in their own campaigns. The good news is that most of them are available for free. It is a win-win situation – both the event and the participants get to earn out of it.

Registrations for the next event begin shortly after the previous one is over. If you are an author or a publisher, you can already sign up.

Readers at the Read an Ebook Week Event

The whole situation is different from an avid reader’s perspective. There is not much to do between two events, but just wait. All you can do is decide on some of your favorite authors or perhaps a new style. While some names are kept secret, some others leak out early. Therefore, you could get an idea about what to expect. Perhaps it is the right time to switch from romantic novels to science fiction or self-development – up to you.

Readers who support this event can also help promoting it and spreading the world through social media platforms and websites. Plus, they are advised to follow official websites and pages for more details and updates on the next event. Maybe even save some extra money for a bulk purchase, who knows?

7 Ways to Celebrate the Read an Ebook Week Event

Stay Updated

Keep an eye on everything that is related to the Read an Ebook Week Event. Official websites will provide new details every once in a while, as well as partners and sponsors. Every year had a few competitions going on – even before the actual event started. Participating might give the audience a chance to win some free books or maybe some autographs and signed covers from their favorite writers.

Read an Ebook

Many beginners believe they need a particular device for ebooks – only a misconception. You can read an ebook on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Sometimes, you might have to download a free application. Feel free to get into the habit of reading ebooks before the event kicks in. It will make the transition much easier and will fuel your hunger for novels and stories.

Discover Classic Ebooks

Lots of people assume that there are just not enough classic books in the ebook format. They think this trend targets new authors and writers only. Well, this used to be the case a decade ago, but not anymore. You can find the most popular books in the world, as well as new books that will change your perception over this industry. The past few years brought in a major upgrade to the market, so you can find pretty much anything you can think of.

Educate Yourself

You do not have to educate yourself too much about ebooks in order to start reading them. Even if you are the old fashioned type, you probably have a computer or a smartphone. All you have to do is download the file and open it – simple as that. Worried about the terminology used in this industry? Forget about it – there are not too many new words anyway. After all, whenever you see the E letter in front of a common word, it usually refers to the electronic version of that thing.

Discover the Bestsellers

Ebook bestsellers change pretty fast. There will always be some good titles hanging around, regardless of what you like to read. Many ebook charts and portals have been released over the past few years. The good news is you do not have to rely on data from ebook stores only, but get some independent views from unbiased companies and reviewers.

Support Self-Published Authors

Many authors do not have the knowledge, connections and finances to publish their books in hardcover formats. It is a shame, indeed, but luckily, they have the ebook alternative. From this point of view, lots of authors choose to self-publish themselves over the Internet. As a direct result, costs are insignificant, so tomorrow’s bestseller might be available for peanuts today.

Do Your Homework

Read about the latest titles, find out what is hot this year and go through a plethora of reviews. Some people like certain genres, while others are open to everything. If you are into one particular thing, explore the best ebook writers in that field. On the other hand, if you are open, just go for bestsellers. Reviews will open lots of doors for you.

Who the Read an Ebook Week Event Is for

The Read an Ebook Week event is for everybody. It puts people together. It is a great way for authors and publishers to introduce their latest work to the world. At the same time, it makes a good choice for readers too – plenty of ebooks at heavily discounted prices and even for free. What else can you ask for?

Those who are not so much into ebooks can also benefit from the event. It is a solid opportunity to discover this world and find out whether ebooks are for you. You will not have to pay a fortune to buy anything, but just download some of the cheap or free ebooks.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, it is easy to tell why the Read an Ebook Week event has gained so much notoriety. It started 14 years ago and it goes strong. In fact, it goes better and better each year, encouraging readers, publishers, authors and event organizers to keep pushing for it. Hooked in already? Do not miss the updates on 2018’s March event then!