Zcode System Review

Zcode System ReviewDoes Zcode System really work or not?

Many sports investors always want an edge against all the sportsbooks that they read in a bid to earn from their investments. Sometimes betting can be disappointing especially when you do not have concrete information on the sport and the teams that are betting on. Most of the casinos and betting sites will offer a number of betting strategies, but these are not enough to offer you the best odds in sports betting. Zcode System is a sports investing program that advices all gamblers on the sports to bet on and which to avoid. Besides, they offer you the reasons for the choice of sports to bet on to enable you reap from the bets you make. There are many other programs like Zcode System that offer advice on betting besides Zcode. Note that Zcode system is not a betting site but a sports investing site.

What is Zcode System?

Zcode System is a system that works for sports investors. Unlike when you bet on your favorite team, zcode system uses analytics to show the best bet whether the team is winning or losing. The system works void of emotions as they use technology statistics of the various teams since 1999 and the knowledge of human cappers, most of who are sports professionals or expert sports analyzers. The predictions are based on 15 years data and evidence. After you have been given the prediction, you can check the statistics on the members area as the site does not hide any data.

Basically, they offer predictions on every major sport in the US including NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. Besides, they integrate major soccer leagues globally, NCAA basketball, NCAA football and also horse racing.

How does the system work?

Zcode System claims that they are not about gambling and they trade sports just as you would in Forex trading. They apply more than 80 parameters to come up with the winning system. Some of the parameters include player injuries and other player conditions, home or away games, goalies, past performance, trainers/coach, match importance, feuds, rivalries, events and predicted future performance among others. Besides, they take sports’ experts opinion to add to the analytics. All these parameters are added to give an outcome.

Zcode system is not all about who wins and who loses; it is about the value of the bet. If for instance, in a game between Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals, Braves have a winning chance of 55 percent but with 2.27 odds, Zcode will advice that you do not bet as the bet lacks value. However, if in the same game Braves have a 64 percent chance of hitting, Zcode will give it a 5 star rating which is the highest bet rating. These are the kind of analysis that Zcode will give on every game.

Besides, you are given the reason for every bet rating and you can verify using the statistics shown. It is easy to get started.

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Zcode System Tools

Once you buy the Zcode membership, you get access to a number of tools to enhance your winning further. The tools include:

  • Line Reversal Tool: It is a simple tool that shows you live changes of spreads and totals, Vegas lines, odds and charts and the public percentages of different games. Simply put, it shows you where the smart bettors are leaning.
  • Zcode Oscillator: It is a tool to show the direction of the team you placed a bet for is going. Basically, you get to view the streaks and the trends the team goes through. It uses simple charts to compare two teams and show which is slumping and which is surging.
  • Total Predictor: This tool enables you to predict totals.
  • MLB Pitcher Profit Oscillator: It uses a chart to show the shape of the current pitcher. This enables you to compare two pitchers and determine their progress using their trends and patterns. It also shows the standing team status including their last games, difference in profitability and pitcher profitability.
  • Power Rankings Indicator: This is an automatic tool that updates power rankings.


The Zcode System forum keeps new and experienced users abreast with new information, offers machine recommendations, offers opinions about various games. It is an active community that gives you the extra information you need before placing your bet. There may be an injury that Zcode does not factor; the forum brings it to your notice. This is a big plus for the zcode members.

Zcode System offers flexibility that no other betting system has offered. The system offers subsystems for sports investors who are not able to go through each individual game. The loads of information can be confusing, especially to the newbies, and thus they give specific picks each day. You can follow systems like the Delta and Alpha Trends and make money with less hassle. Forum members will also create systems that lead you to winning too.

The Zcode system is always updated to ensure that the users get up to date statistics. Besides, the system is easy to use. After creating your account, you get access to 24/7 support, daily winning picks, video tutorials, guides and FAQ to get you started. The support team is great and can be accessed any time of the day.


The plethora of information on the Zcode System site can be confusing to the newbies; the pitcher ratings, win/loss streaks, power rankings and a number of other information that the investor must understand. For VIP membership, you have to be a professional and dedicated sports investor and not just a casual one. This is so because of the monthly charges which currently stand at $198. Those who only want to bet $10 for every game have to build their bankrolls before joining the system. It will only work for those willing to invest $50 to $100 for every game.


There are many betting systems that do not work today. Zcode system is one of the betting systems that have proven to work given the number of positive feedback to its credit online. If you are a sports investor who want to make money from betting, you can try this system. If you are not sure of its credibility, you can start with the trial version.

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Rob says August 25, 2016

I like the idea of this being a sport investing site and not a betting one because I hate betting. I think betting relies too much on luck and chance and I don’t like that. I want to increase my chances of winning.

Andrew says August 26, 2016

Will this system make me a good sports investor? I currently have little experience in sports but would like to invest a lot of time and some money into learning more. I just want to be sure this is the right thing for a complete beginner like me. Thank you.

Phil says August 29, 2016

From what I’ve read here, you need to have a good budget to be able to bet according to what the system teaches. How much of a monthly budget are we talking about here? $1000? $1500? I want to make sure I can do this before I buy the system.

Top Secret says May 27, 2018

The Zcode customer service told me to invest $100..not $1000 above!

    Jacob says October 22, 2018

    You can start with $100 for sure, there are people who double account all the time however it would be recommended to go with at least $1000 if you’re looking to double your account at least once every 2-3 months.

Luther says October 10, 2018

I wouldn’t start this system without at least $1000. Anything less than that won’t get much of a ROI if you ask me. The system works if you don’t try to improve it or add to it. Just follow it as it is and don’t be afraid to lose some money (you will).

Kyle says October 17, 2018

At the start I was very confused and overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new information I couldn’t understand. It took me over a month to finally understand the system and start using it effectively. I now usually earn good amounts regularly. It takes time to get used to it but it will work with some work put into it.

Gregory says October 19, 2018

Works so and so. Sometimes you can win big and sometimes you will lose serious money. Right now I’m in the money but things can change rapidly. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad system and compared to others I’ve used, it works more than it doesn’t. You just have to be ready for surprises along the way.

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