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The Yoga Burn is a body shaping program that is digital and downloadable designed for all women with the desire of giving their body a new shape using a program that is very available only with the help of a laptop, desktop computer or a mobile device such as a mobile phone. The approach that is followed by the Yoga Burn is one that is healthy and natural in the procedure of losing excess weight and gaining a good body shape. The approach followed when applying Yoga burn is known as strategic 3-phase approach commonly known by local users as dynamic sequencing approach. The sequencing is the center of the success of this program. The three phases have been described below.

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Phase 1 is known as foundation flow and is the basis of the entire Yoga Burn program. The phase is very solid and it takes a maximum of 4 weeks. It is mainly meant to teach and make a user understand the program in details while building strength and trust with the entire program. The phase is very interesting and with the fun in it, one is able to build muscles and a good shape too. The phase acts as a preparation to the other two phases which are seen to be a bit challenging. The phase fits well both for advanced and beginners of the Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secret). Being serious and realizing success from this phase can be instrumental in gaining success in the other two sequence phases.

The second phase of the program is known as transitional flow phase. Phase 2 is the level at which connecting and working with all the phase 1 moves is learned turning the moves to be a soft run. Working with all the moves learned in phase one correctively and smoothly is the vital step in getting to burn excess calories in the body as well as raising the heart rate. The body gets to adapt easily to the new change and as soon as it is fully adopted, the new good shape gets to be fully discovered. It is at this phase that the ability to be comfortable with the new moves is gained if the only practice is done with determination. The workouts help in improving large muscle groups as well as improving the state of both the lower and the upper body. The center body or the core is also able to learn to withstand the workouts. A moving meditation is created at this phase and this feels good. Transitions that turn to interesting poses are also learned at this stage.

Zoe Bray-Cotton's Yoga Burn ReviewPhase 3 of the Yoga Burn is known as the Mastery Flow and it is the phase with activities of the highest notch for all the ladies. At this phase, all activities learned in the first and second face are combined to create a sequence which when applied, it increases the rate of metabolism in the body. Increased metabolism increases the rate at which excess calories in the body are burnt giving your body a shape that is unbelievable to you and those who get to see you too. Movements of both the lower and the upper body are learned through guidance at this phase. All that happens at this stage is the replication of different movements as many times as possible to create fatigue in different muscle. This is what induces the appearance of the new stunning muscle shapes. Mental focus that encourages one to work harder is created at this phase while ensuring that the results of losing weight are at maximal levels.

This is the clear view of what Yoga (Her Yoga Secrets) is, its design as well as the phases established to make it resourceful to all the ladies with a desire of losing extra weight and bringing in an aesthetically appealing shape.


Attending yoga classes can bring about boredom and stagnancy which is not the case with the Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets). One remains motivated with it as it can be implemented even at home or in lands of choice. Its accessibility is very high as one can get to acquire it no matter their location and surroundings. It is only acquired by paying the necessary price after which the videos and guidelines are received.

Among the improvements made to the body after following the program fully are enhanced concentration and flexibility, a good body shape and a stomach that is flat. The overall body physique is built when gaining all the positive body changes. A positive mind and body attitude is created making it a very consistent way of reducing stress. The program also works well with both beginners and masters of the program. All one needs to be a master is following all the programs with great determination.

All one needs to get started with the Yoga Burn is the videos that are easily accessible and understandable. When one gives their best to this program, best results are realized within a short time possible. The money paid for the program can be refunded if at all the program is not effective within 60 days of use. Receiving the money is guaranteed with no questions.


At times, Yoga Burn can be disappointing as it might not be able to give all the results that were expected. This is because it does not fit all people well. Like other Yoga programs, one can get to sustain injuries when following the program. When working with it alone, finding a fast source of first aid in case of an injury can be challenging. In addition, the Yoga Burn program is limited to people with the digital devices such as computers and phones with very strong capabilities. Following videos can be a problem to some people.


Having knowledge on Yoga on your fingertips is a noble achievement. Yoga Burn guides are created with great expertise a reason as to why it is easy to understand and apply them easily. Gaining the best from Yoga calls for a very comprehensive program that is designed to induce a new life that is very healthy. The Yoga Burn is designed for this. The three phases are integrated holistically to bring an exercise program that is not only peaceful but also enjoyable.


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I’m trying to find the Meditation Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton that I ordered and paid for. Please help! I’m not very good at all this digital stuff. I think I saw it once, but now I don’t know where.

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